Stitched Up Halloween Canvas Totes with Brother Sewing Machines

We had some fun playing with our Brother Sewing Machine and making the cutest Halloween Totes ever!!!!  You know how the machine has all those cute stitches and you only use a few? Well here is a chance to try some different stitches on simple canvas tote bags to make them look oh so cute.

halloween canvas tote bag

Gather your favorite Halloween stamp or maybe a fun saying that works for the Fall and Halloween timeframe like “Dare to Be Remarkable” and stamp onto the canvas.  You will want to use a pigment stamping ink and they all perform a bit differently on canvas, some giving a soft light look and others might stamp very dark.  You might have to try a few out before you get it right. We wish our ink was a bit darker, but this was the only pigment ink we had on hand in the studio.

Dare to be Remarkable

Choose a tote bag that works best for your needs – from an oversized tote that is great for the weekend or the beach to a tiny tote that will hold just what you want.  To see the entire offering of totes visit our shop – Totes and Bags. The straps are available in a wide range of sizes from over the shoulder to gift bag size.  Some of the handles are made from the same cotton fabric as the tote and others are made with webbing, they each look great and can be sewn.  100% cotton is perfect for dying if you want to change the color of the tote or tinting it with Glimmer Mist (not washable, but perfect for adding color if washing is not in the tote bag’s future).

canvas tote - 100% cottonSo what stitches to choose?  Well the nice thing with canvas is you can choose any of them! The fabric stitches so well and you can choose a contrasting thread.  

Brother Computerized Sewing Machine

We choose stitches 59 & 06 for this project, but any combo would have been so fun.  The black contrasting thread looks amazing on the canvas fabric.

computerized Stitching

We stitched the stamped canvas onto Canvas Corp’s French Script printed fabric.  You can stamp your own background or use one of the many different printed canvas pieces, then using the 06 stitch we finished off around the frayed edge for detail and to help the stitches stay as they are if the tote was to be washed.

canvas tote handles stitched

This simple canvas tote with great handles was ready to have a little more stitching detail, so using the 59 stitch and contrasting thread we stitched down the middle of both handles and we have to say we love the look.  Choose any thread color and any design to make custom totes that look amazing.  You can choose from a wide range of totes in different shapes, size, handles and handle lengths to suit your needs and the needs of your customers.  Totes can also be made to fit your needs.  

made in USA Totes

100% cotton totes available in a wide range of shapes and sizes and ready to be personalized for your or for your business.


Love this little tote bag that is perfect for decorating with fun little sayings, your business name or maybe a monogram and filling wonderful little things.

Brother Sewing Machine how to stitches

Fill your totes with Halloween picks for the cutest display or to hide the precious gifts on the inside.  

Halloween Canvas Totes


So if you have one of these great sewing machines with all kinds of stitches and have not found a project to test them out, why not give these tote bags a try?  You can also so free-style sew and stitch all over the tote, we love that look too.  If a tote is not what you are looking for how about canvas pillows, aprons, make-up bags, eyeglass case, stockings, coasters and more.  Many of these items are also available in burlap.  

Happy sewing and happy creating!!!!

Join us online in the new Canvas Corp Brands Collective group on Facebook – just ask to join and we will set you up and be a part of this great team of designers, educators, crafters and artists who host the blog and answer questions, inspire and love to see your work.  We cannot wait to have you in the group.


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