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The Gypsies travel the globe in search of vintage finds, special moments to photo, experiences to capture and all things that intrigue.  Gypsy, Lena Holmstrøm has the most amazing ideas when she returns from her travels.  This Gypsy Girl brought to life this very little lovely book.  We know that the best things come in little packages and Lena shows us how the best creations are perfectly tiny.

How many times have you searched from shop to shop, on the web or flipped through magazines looking for just the right gift for someone who has everything?  How about this ‘little book”?  You can fill with small pictures, happy thoughts, words of encouragement, a daily question, a thought for each morning, a word of the day, yes anything, just your imagination and you little, tiny book can become anything.  

Lena created her little book with papers from her favorite 7gypsies papers…they don’t all come from the same collection and that makes the book even more special.  So many crafty projects are created used one collection or they match perfectly, not our gypsies, they don’t have any rules, make a book big or small, use papers they love, add fun and crazy colors, stick a vintage trinket found at a flea market, fold it the “wrong” way, stamp any words you want, say something silly (but not rude of course) and make it for any reason you want.  One thing the gypsies do hope is that you share your creations with someone special.  As the gypsies travel across the land they meet special people from all over and what better way to make new friends is to share something you create.  So here is a gypsy challenge…..create a mini book just like the one Lena is going to show you how to make, but first you must promise to share it with someone new, someone old, someone close or someone far!!!!!  Share with us below you you are going to make your teeny-tiny book for and we are going to choose one honorary gypsy and send you a big box of gypsy goodness. 

Start with you favorite papers – promise you won’t worry if they don’t all match perfectly – remember this is a gypsy treasure and anything counts.  2 sided papers are best so that your book pages are finished or you can design the blank side before or after putting your book together.


First, cut 10-12 papers to measure 6 cm (2-3/8″) wide x 4 cm (1-5/8″) tall. Fold them in half so that each folded page will be 3 cm (1-3/16″) wide x 4 cm (1-5/8″) tall. The book is so small that the conversions are kinda funny from centimeters to inches, so you can decide the exact size of your book and then make all the papers the same size.


Now it is time to decorate your pages.  It is easy to design each one before putting the book together.  You can use any details – lace, ribbon, washi tape, stickers, stencils, stamps, rubbings, ephemera, and then add small words of encouragement, small pictures (wallet or smaller is perfect), business cards, calling cards, etc…. Let your imagination take you creatively as you design each page.


Tie a tread around each of the papers at the fold.  Use a natural thread or choose thread or cord that is colorful and stands out in your book.


To create the little book spine, cut a piece of cardstock (printed or solid) that is 8 cm (3-1/8″) wide x 4 cm (1-5/8″) tall. Using a scoring tool or a paper cutter with scoring blade, mark 1 cm (3/8″) from the left edge then then from there make 12 more marks every .5 cm (3/16″). You will end up with a total of 13 marks with 1 cm (3/8″) at each end for attaching your covers.


Now accordion fold the paper like the photo shows.


Slip one page in at a time into each folded space and glue into place until they are all glued into place.


To make the cover you will need 3 small pieces. They can be made from cardstock, chipboard or cardboard.  Cut two pieces 3 cm (1-3/16″) wide x 4 cm (1-5/8″) tall and once piece 1.3 cm (1/2″) wide x 4 cm (1-5/8″) tall. Spread them out leaving 0.5 cm (3/16″) space between the boards.


Cover the cover pieces almost completely with handmade paper by Canvas Corp or your favorite solid or printed paper.  Don’t forget to leave the space between the pieces so that the cover will wrap abound the book.  Leave the inside of the book at the center binding open so you can easily add the inside book pages into that space.


Add the following holes and grommets to to your book cover using Universal Eyelet Setter or your favorite tool.


Space two small grommets on the top and bottom of the middle binding and then two even smaller grommets on the outside middle of the front and back cover.


Slip the book into the open space on the inside of the book binding and glue the wings into place.  Using the top and bottom holes and a piece of jute, ribbon or cord tie the book binging into place.


Decorating the binging is such fun part of making these little books.  I’ve used a tiny piece of driftwood I found and I gathered a few trinkets I found (I find them everywhere during my travels, nothing is too odd, weird or useless!!!) Choose the decorations for the book based on the heart of the design and what inspires you.  A found stickers from 7dots and bits and pieces of this and that finish the outside of the book.


The flexible little binding allows you to fill the pages with a little or a lot.  Choose to fill each page before you give it or leave the spacial little pages blank for someone else to fill.


Love Birds is the theme of this special little book – maybe it will travel on a honeymoon, anniversary trip or a new love story will be written in every so tiny words on the itty bitty pages.


This is a book that does not take very long to make, and a perfect gift for someone who has everything or maybe someone who just needs something special to make their life better.  Making a tiny project is a great afternoon project or quick little something to do at the end of the day when a bit of creativity is needed.


If you are a keeper of little scraps this is a great place to use them to make the most amazing creations.  Add a natural jute, ribbon or cord to tie it all together.  Wrap it up and down to make a fun big tie that has its own personality.

Here is what you need to gather to make one or make many:

  • Cardstock Paper for the Pages – Lena Used – 7gypsies Maritime 12×12 Voilier and Papers from the Ordre du Jour Paper Pad – each book requires about 12 different papers
  • Book Cover Papers – Lena used Canvas Corp Handmade Ivory Floral Paper  – this is a great way to use tiny pieces of specialty paper that you could not bear to part with!!!
  • Chipboard or Cardboard – you can recycle an old box, use chipboard pieces left over or double up a few pieces of cardstock by glueing them together.
  • Canvas Corp Jute Cord, Ribbon, Baker’s Twine or String – used in a couple of different ways, so choose a few different options and one that is easy to tie around the small pages
  • Driftwood
  • Sticker from 7Dots Studio
  • Assorted decor from your stash, old jewelry pieces, bits and pieces

We hope you are now addicted to this precious little book.  Something tells us that you won’t be able to just make one, oh no, you will be making a dozen.  So leave us a message below if you were inspired to create one of these little books and who you are going to make it for (it is ok to say a stranger!!!!) and the gypsies will pick one luck winner on October 1st to win a box of special gypsy finds, bits and pieces….We would love to also see your creation and welcome you to join us in the new Canvas Corp Brands Collective Facebook Group where the Crew and the Gypsies host great conversations, share inspirational projects, welcome your posts, answer your questions and more.  Click here and ask to join today.   

If follow up on social media please leave a comment so we know you are around – we love to hear from gypsies all over the world – leave a comment, say hi, let us know where your are or where you are traveling to next.  







You can share your book on the Collective Facebook Group Page, just follow this link and if you are not a member already, simply ask for it and we will add you as soon as we see your wish.

The gypsies are banding together to bring new and clever creations from all parts of the globe, join the gypsy movement, along with Lena and express your gypsy creativity.  To see more of Lena’s work and to see another way to make a mini book check out Lena’s Blog – Bruksflickan

Have a lovely creative day, hug Lena



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