Vintage Handmade Gift Certificates

Finding the right gift is not always so easy, so creating something special and handmade is a great alternative.  Tatiana shares a terrific handmade gift idea that keeps giving long after it is presented. She created handmade gift certificates with a beautiful vintage vibe.  Wrapped in paper goodness, these custom gift certificates will mean the most to those you give them to as they are one of a kind and made special for each person.
personal gift certificates
I made gift certificates for my photographer friend. They remind me of vintage love letters and I am in love with the mood of this soft, vintage style.
paepr and roses
Dried and paper roses, touches of cord, layers of music, romantic papers and soft touches make the certificates look so romantic. I loved how the Gypsy Moments collection matched up with all the ideas and it gave me such inspiration for this project.
handmade gift certificates
Lovely on the outside.
handmade gift certificate
Inside there are terms and conditions of using the certificates.
Materials Used:

Tools Used:  Scissors, Paper Cutter

Each certificate is added to the inside of a 4″x6″ file folder – you will find a complete collection of file folders from Canvas Corp Brands in many different looks and themes to match your certificates.  

gypsy moments
The Gypsy Moments Collection is all about friendship, love, respect, creativity and being you, with many great sayings and art pieces that are prefect to top off your certificates.  
7gypsies friendship
Gift Certificates are great for giving to teachers, coaches, babysitters, nannies, moms, dads, sisters, friends, neighbors, hair stylist or even the mom who helps a little more with the car pool.  Anyone who goes out of their way for you and your family might be the perfect recipient of a gift certificate.
paper gift certficates
Here are some ideas for gift ideas:
1 – baby sitting time for date night (have the kids come to your house or you go there and give a couple the night off)
2 – organize a room (if you have the gift of organization, share that with someone else)
3 – stitch & time (if you have the gift of sewing, offer a few hours to sewing time to fix, alter or mend)
4 – decorating time (if you love to decorate, offer a little bit of your time to someone who loves your style)
5 – art time (teach or offer to spend time showing some of your techniques and skills)
6 – make it (offer to make a special wreath or holiday decor and let them choose)
7 – style time (if you are great with fashion, how about a few hours of closet review and style tips)
8 – personal shopper (sometimes we all need a little help knowing what looks good and what to buy, if you love to do both and can help, why not offer some free personal shopping time or consulting)
9 – baked goods (if you love to cook offer a pie, cake or cookies when the time is right)
10 – scrapbook (if you love to scrapbook, help someone else capture special memories or spend the time getting them started)
11 – photo session (if you love to take photos (even if you are not a photographer by trade,) offer your time and camera for an event, photo session with the kids or maybe some glamour shots)
12 – gift of you (share something you do well and it will help someone or make their life easier, even if that is listening, advice or just time together
The ideas are endless and the cost is your time and a few pieces of beautiful paper, a file folder and a few doodads.  These beautiful acts of kindness and appreciation are perfect for the holidays, thank yous to the bridal party, appreciation to a great teacher or the coach or just because you know someone could use a boost. Create it forward and help make someone feel better.  
These beautiful cards would also be amazing wedding or shower invites fitting the layers of details all together into one file folder with grace and beatify that every guest would enjoy receiving.
Tatiana’s thoughtful heart, kindness, and beautiful touch make this project so much more than a pretty face. They remind us of the beauty inside and out.  To see more of  Tatiana’s creative work, visit her blog – Ideas Warehouse and to learn more about Tatiana, read her recent interview with the Canvas Corp Brands Crew.




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  1. June 21, 2016 @ 3:22 am Marie Johansson

    Wow these are really, really beautiful!


  2. June 26, 2016 @ 9:04 am Beth Byrd

    Your gift certificates are breathtakingly beautiful! Love the soft colors and vintage details!
    Who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive one of these lovely certificates! A true piece of art!!


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