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Wings On Wednesday – Feathers of an Angel

Our very own CCB Crew Member Betsy Skagen of Paper Calliope came up with a new way to use the Architextures bases that, well – at the risk of an awful pun dare we say – is heavenly.

Betsy uses a variety of techniques and products for this angelic wall hanging. Read her tutorial to learn just how you can make this yourself.

Tutorial on How to Make the Feathers of an Angel Wall Hanging

Begin by tearing out a square of handmade paper that will be large enough to serve as a background for your angel head and wings. Add extra texture to the paper edges by pinching and pulling the fibers outward.

Wet a paintbrush with water, then cover the entire surface with Camel Glimmer Glam. Set aside to dry.

Next paint the head and wings with Tattered Angels Tan High Impact Paint. Dry with heat gun then spritz with Tattered Leather Glimmer Mist and dry again. Now paint them with Times Square Glimmer Glam and dry. Repeat the layering until you achieve desired look.

Highlight top of wings with Camel Glimmer Glam. Seal with a satin polyurethane. 

Use ink or a light wash of acrylic paint to cover a panel wall hanging board and dry.  Tear a larger square of handmade paper. This one should be slightly smaller than your panel base. Glue the paper to the base.

Adhere the Striped Fabric Ticking to a square of the Burlap Sheet. Then adhere the paper square you painted to the striped panel.

Now you are going to use the Architextures Tall Base Feathers in a whole new way. The back of the feathers have a removable adhesive. Stick a feather onto a foam square. I used the back of a child’s foam stamp. Paint brown acrylic paint onto one of the feathers and using the feather as a stamp, press the feather face down onto the fabric panel. Repeat with a second feather. I suggest practicing on some scratch paper before attempting the real deal.  You can use a paint brush to touch up any fine lines that did not transfer well.

Next glue the striped panel and feather square in place. If you look closely you can see that the striped panel has a little extra paint. This is from when I was experimenting with the best position to place the angel wings and belatedly discovered they were not quite dry. I could have cut a new square of fabric, but I decided that the colors were a match and the flaws actually added to the piece.

Add some stars to the corner. The rusty star is one I had in my stash from an old wind chime and the gold star is one I made years ago by dipping a wood star into a Utee and glitter mixture in my melting pot.

Last, but certainly not least, glue the angel and wings in place with a strong adhesive.

Great Stuff

Camel Glimmer Glam
Tattered Angels Tan High Impact Paint
Tattered Leather Glimmer Mist
Times Square Glimmer Glam
Burlap Sheet
Striped Fabric Ticking
Architextures Tall Base Feathers
Relics & Artifacts Figureheads
Relics & Artifacts Rising Spirit II
Handmade paper
Panel wall hanging board
Acrylic paint
Wooden star
Embossing powder
Rusty metal star


I hope this tutorial inspired you to go out and make something. Have a fantastic day!



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  1. October 18, 2017 @ 8:28 pm Dapoppins

    So clever using the feathers as a stamp and with such a great end result!


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