Altered Mixed Media Art Inspiration

We love the art of mixed media and we wanted to share these amazing altered frames and canvases that our Crew created to inspire you to create one of your own.  

You can start with just about any base or surface that is blank or not blank, simply cover up something that is ready to be repurposed, like a frame, a stretched canvas or shadow box.  You will most likely cover the entire area, so no worries if the color of your surface is not what you are going for.

Next you want to gather found objects that will become part of your art.  This is where you can let your imagination go wild.  Choose found items, game pieces, old clock parts, die cut dimensional shapes, even children’s toys, etc.  No worries if your objects are made from a variety of materials, they will all be covered with paints and mediums and when complete the project look cohesive.  

Finally you will want to choose your color palette.  You can choose colors that fit into a space in your home or make one for a friend that will fit right in or create something fun and crazy and proudly show it off in your studio.

Here are a some great altered projects that we hope will inspire and teach you a few fun techniques along the way.  

1. ‘Inspiration is Key’ by Erin Reed

This Altered art was inspired by a key and together with Erin’s palette of rich, warm colors was transformed into a work of art.  Erin recycled a frame as her base and got her hands grungy and dig into the world of mixed media.  Erin says “There is no right or wrong to this, you just keep adding layers and layers of textures, bits, bobs, and colors and you end up with a really cool neat piece of art.  Most of the items in the box are found items from my garage, left over bits of embellishment packages, flowers, charms, etc.”

key MM wccb


Erin used some of the 7gypsies metals in her piece along with her found objects:

7g key
Here are the colors Erin choose:

ta 2

ta 1

The combination of of Tattered Angels Mists, Glams, High Impact Paints and Glazes gives Erin’s piece texture, dimension and lots of amazing color.  The Glams, Glazes and High Impact Paints are created to cover virtually any surface including metal, plastic, glass, resin, rubber, acrylic, wood, finished wood, paper, chipboard, fabric and so much more.  Transform your found objects by painting them with any of these paints or a combination to get started.  

The Mists add sparkle, shine and color and adhere well to textured surfaces and are a great topcoat.  Some of this is by trial and error to get the look, coverage and feel you are looking for.  As Erin mentioned there is no right or wrong, just play and have fun.  Layer the paints, splatter color on top of color, add some glitter where you want and just have a ball.

To see the step by step of Erin’s project stop by her blog Check out How to Create Mixed Media Mini Wall Art by Erin Reed on Snapguide

2. ‘Iris Angel’ by Kim Rippere of Craftisan Studios

Kim created this piece for a friend who was having a difficult time.  Create a symbol of strength, utilize colors that are meaningful or add a saying that says what you want to say.  This piece needs no words to show support.  Blending papers, fabrics and paints to create your piece on a canvas or frame turns what might simply be a paper craft, into a work of art.

3. ‘Love Mechs’ by Kyriakos of The Crafts World

Choose a theme or a story for your mixed media project such as this piece filled with hearts, love, keys and chains that bind.  Bring them all together with a color story adding texture behind and layering your objects, making the most important ones prominent.


4.  ‘Mixed Media Canvas for SaCrafters – Spread Your Wings & Fly’ by Priscilla Lim

Priscilla shares many great mixed media projects on her blog GROWING WITH GABRIEL….OUR JOURNEY TOGETHER.  Everyday objects, toys, words, sayings, pretty much anything goes.  Then they are brought together with a beautiful color palette and beautiful mixed media techniques.  Priscilla offers many videos that walk you through the process stop over and see how she makes her mixed media projects.


11218934_10206510350051969_6297131619918989243_n‘Mixed Media Mask’ – by Dana Sanchez

Dana shows us how to create mixed media art on 3 dimensional objects like this mask she made for her son and the carrying box that goes with it.  While it may feel comfortable to design your mixed media projects on paper or a canvas, you can really let your creative hair down when your project becomes 3d.

Steampunk Mask with Bowler Hat by Dapoppins6. ‘Mixed Media Chicken’ by Kimberly

Kimberly created the chicken with a dimensional mixed media technique, on top of a variety of textured background techniques.  You can bring to life objects like this chicken by layering mixed media products onto a printed photo, drawing or if you are up for it free hand.

7.  ‘Mixed Media Lady’ by Valerie 

Broken parts of jewelry, old book pages and random embellishments come together to create this dimensional Mixed Media piece Valerie created for Scrap ‘n Art Magazine.  Tattered Angels Paints transformed old jewelry, lace and paper embellishments allowing them to coordinate perfectly together.    This project is featured on Valerie’s Blog – Bonjour Scrap
3L 2

Here is just a touch of some of the great mixed media work our crew has created.  Follow our blog for more mixed media projects and techniques.  We hope you are inspired to create a piece of your own and remember there really are no rules, just creative freedom.
For more mixed media ideas on our blog
Happy Creating!!!


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