Art Page In A Modern Vintage With A Touch Of Rustic Style

With so many different styles out there it is really hard to name them all and when you start combing them it can get even more confusing. But when you see what you like or create in your own personal style and if feels right, you just know it and that is your style.  Crew Member Aga Baraniak shows off her style that we are calling Vintage Rustic – a bit of distressing, a touch of old and a hint of rustic.  While these words all represent what might seem to be old or out of date, this journal page is quite the opposite.  The combination creates a wonderful, fresh design that truly blends old and new.
Layers of stamps, stencils and paint create a wonderful background giving way to Aga’s wonderful page composition. You might think a journal page must be filled with many words or space left to write, but many journal pages feature a few special words that capture a day, a time or a moment.  Aga’s journal page features important words and phrases such as “inspiration” – ” do what makes you happy” – “dream”. You can add these words with stamps or write them yourself, find a stamp that says what you are thinking or cut out words from alphabet stickers, magazine pages or even old books.  Your page background allows your important words to come into focus and let the world hear what you have to say.
Aga features the following CCB products in her journal layout.
Materials Used:

Tattered Angels Baseboard Paint – Blue Bird
Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist – Icicle Blue
Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist – Wheat
Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist – Kraft
Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist – Tattered Leather

I like making patches of mists and paints so that my works are more attractive. This is my style and fun with mixed media. Layers of subtle color changes, stamps, embellishments and words make such a strong statement.  Allow the paints to puddle and drip a bit for more interest on the page.
Add small details such as a gear, metal dot, star or small section of beads, don’t feel that you must put too much in one place, you can spread out details and they become a more important part of the composition.
Finish it off with drips, drops and dots of paint that tie it all together.
We are inspired today to create a page in our art journal and to try some of Aga’s techniques.  Sometimes simple touches can make the biggest impact.
Check out Aga’s blog, Instagram, and YouTube channel!




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  1. January 12, 2017 @ 2:56 pm Iris

    I really like the nice vintage and rustic style. It’s like vintage rustic could be a sub-genre of vintage. Been wanting to try some rusty copper metal sheets (real or faux) on vintage, using burlap. Seeing how this comes together, I just might try it.


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