ATC Swap Envelope Book

Recently CCB Crew Member Jaine of Basement Studio organized an ATC Swap Exchange among the Canvas Corp Brands Crew. The crew members each made a dozen ATC’s and sent them around the world to the 12 Crew members on their list.  The best part everyone involved was located all over the world which made for great envelopes and cool stamps.
jaine atc book
After the swap was over Jaine made an ATC book using the envelopes she collected from the other members. What a great way to recycle and to preserve the memory of this swap.
Creating an envelope book is perfect for a variety of memory making. Use to preserve envelopes and letters from your children in the military or overseas. Create a fun holiday card book, birthday card book. So many possibilities with this project. So lets get started and see the one that Jaine has created….
jaine atc book 2
As the ATC’s started to arrive in the post it became clear this was going to be a whole lot more than receiving those little pieces of art. The envelopes themselves were an absolute joy to find in my mail box. The feeling of actually having proper post, with stamps on was so exciting. In an age where post is usually reserved for the bank manager or the electricity bill, I couldn’t help but get excited.Of course I kept them all with the intention of making a mini book at a later date and with a few other projects out of the way I decided it was time to do something with them.
Materials Used

Jaine collected all the envelopes from the ATC Swap she decided to create a book with these envelopes.  The stamps from each country are so unique and very cool.  One things we found was that each country requires the address written uniquely, what a great record of how to do it.

jaine atc book step 1

Then Jaine lined two of her favorite envelopes with 7Gypsies paper tape and Gypsy Moments paper to create the interior binding. This is what holds all the envelopes together.  See the photos below as a guide.

jaine atc book step 2

 The front and the back of many of the envelopes were very nice on both sides.

jaine atc book step 4

After the first binding was complete, Jaine began adding more 7gypsies paper tape to the rest of the envelopes from the swap. This gave her book more of a global feel and really complimented the envelopes.

jaine atc book step 5

Next Jaine took a sheet of Gypsy Moments paper and folded in half. This is the piece that will hold the bound envelopes together as the exterior covers of the book. She attached the bound pages to the folded paper with more 7gypsies paper Tape.

jaine atc book step 6
jaine atc book step 7
 Finally add the atc’s or more embellishments to your finished book such as lace trim, hardware or distress with some Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist.  Tattered Leather is a great mist for aging papers and distressing them in certain places or all over.
 jaine atc book 2

We love this project, so fun and easy to do. For more of Jaine’s works visit her blog Basement Studio or her Instagram Basement Gal 

jaine atc book

Come back to our blog often for more exciting projects from our CCB Crew 2016.

Happy Creating!!!!



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  1. May 16, 2016 @ 9:18 am Barb Housner

    wonderful idea – thanks for sharing


  2. May 17, 2016 @ 2:23 am What’s been going on in May? | Jaine Drake - Basement Studio

    […] There’s a whole blog post on the Canvas Corp blog showing how I put it together. […]


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