Burlap Christmas tree home decor canvas corp

Burlap Christmas tree home decor

Loopy Burlap Christmas Tree – this is what our Crew member, Deb Rauch called her today’s project – a simple rustic tree that can be easily made with your little ones sitting around the table and making their mini-versions with you. All you’ll need for this cute design is pieces of burlap and canvas and… see for yourself!

Burlap Christmas tree home decor canvas corp

I’m always looking for different types of projects to make. I was looking through the materials I had on hand and thought that maybe I could make a Christmas tree with the burlap I had. I like to make things that are out of the box and have a rustic type feel to them as I live in a log cabin and they make perfect home decor items. – explains her inspiration Deb.

Burlap Christmas tree home decor canvas corp

Materials used:
Canvas Corp Natural Burlap

Canvas Corp Red Burlap
Canvas Corp Green Burlap Fringe
Canvas Corp Natural Canvas scrap
Tattered Angels White High Impact Paint
Kraft Paper
Styrofoam Cone
Wooden Skewer, Rusty Old Bell
Hot Glue Gun, Scissors
Sewing Machine, Paintbrush

Burlap Christmas tree home decor canvas corp

Beginning with the red burlap, cut it into about 4″ strips. Fold each strip in half. Using the white High Impact Paint and a paintbrush, paint a faux plaid onto the red burlap only down to the halfway mark. When dry, fold in half and make slits from the fold up to about 1/2″ to the top about 1″ apart.

Burlap Christmas tree home decor canvas corp

Wrap styrofoam cone with kraft paper. This will allow you to use hot glue without melting the styrofoam. Cut 4″ pieces of burlap and fold in half. Cut slits beginning at the fold and continuing until about 1/2″ from the top edge and about 1″ apart. Align the bottom looped edges with the bottom of the cone and start hot gluing on at the top edges.
Alternate natural burlap with the plaid red burlap.

Burlap Christmas tree home decor canvas corp Burlap Christmas tree home decor canvas corp

For the primitive star on top, I printed out a star from my computer and cut 2 pieces out of a scrap of canvas. I then sewed the two pieces together wrong sides together, so that the raw edges would be on the outside. Leave a small opening at the bottom so that you can add a small amount of polyester stuffing and a wooden skewer to push down the middle of the cone to hold it in place. I then used my Tattered Angels Old Lace and Tattered Leather and gave the star just a quick spray. I then added a small bit of polyester stuffing to the star.

For the finishing touches, I placed the wooden skewer down the middle of the the cone, and added my old rusty bell on a piece of twine and hung it around the skewer.

Burlap Christmas tree home decor canvas corp

Isn’t it a beautiful piece of rustic Christmas home decor?!?

If you dont have enough burlap, you can use pieces of canvas or any other fabric; they can even be be covered in designs rather than plain. Who said that Christmas tree cannot be colourful, right?


For more inspiration from Deb, visit her blog and Instagram.

Happy Christmas Crafting!!!


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  1. December 11, 2017 @ 11:39 am Julia Cotrim

    Loved your Christmas tree Deb! So beautiful! 🙂


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