Carpe Diem Journal Cover – Share A Little Homemade Love

What are you doing today in preparation for Valentine’s Day.  Maybe class parties with the kids, shopping for a romantic dinner or spending some time for you.  Valentine is a wonderful time to tell those you love that you “Love Them”  and why not do that with a wonderful mixed media gift of love.  You get some time for you and you can give a little bit of love in a fun and creative way.  Crew Member, Kerstin-Inga Peters, inspires us today to get our out mixed media stash and ‘Carpe Diem’ – encourage those close to you, to make the most of today and think just a bit about the future!  What better day than the day of Love to do that.  valentine mixed media

‘Valentine’s day is near and do you also need a special gift for a very good friend?  My idea was to create a diary cover in mixed media style with a broken heart, but patched and almost healed.’ – Kerstin-Inga  

When we think of Valentine’s Day we think that hearts are perfect, never broken and never healed, well, every heart has been broken just a bit, the amazing thing is that it can be healed and friendship and love can do just that.

tattered angels glimmer mist

Materials Used:

Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist CrimsonCross My HeartGraphite ; AmethystCoffee Shop

Canvas Corp – White Cardstock

Other Items – clear stamps; Stencil ‘Bricks`’; Styrofoam heart; black chain; Prima Art sugar; white gesso; transparent gel; black yarn

Tools Used – palette knife,brush, cutting knife, needle, Hot glue gun
  • Start by coloring your diary, agenda, journal or book cover –  I used Glimmer Mist’s as paints with brush ‘Graphite’ and ‘Coffee shop’ and covered the entire surface.  Simply shake the mist, remove the top, pour into a small bowl and when you are done simply pour it back in.
  • Tear the cardstock to get an altered effect
  • Apply white gesso through a stencil.
  • Stamp onto cardstock around the bricks using pigment Jet black ink
  • Add spray and splatters with an assorted of colors ‘Amethyst’, ‘Graphite, ‘Cross My Heart’ to the surface using the half-spray technique to create a background
  • Use water to let them move around and a brush
  • black lines were created with wooden spikes and ‘Graphite’, for more texture effects
  • Glue Art Sugar with transparent heavy gel
  • Now to the heart, it’s a half styrofoam piece and I inked this with Glimmer Mist ‘Cross My Heart’ and ‘Crimson’
  • Use a black permanent marker and make some points (4 for patch and 10 for seam)
  • Glue a little piece old bookpaper as patch and draw some lines
  • Make a little crack with cutting knife
  • Use a needle and black yarn and connected the points it’s a very special effect
  • wrap round heart with black chain and a small key
  • Glue it all together with hot glue gunon cardstock
  • Paint the edges with ‘Coffee Shop’ and glued the cardstock on the book is Finished!!!

Stamp onto the distress cardstock for a vintage look and the mist adds to the wonderful style.

Layers and layers and layers of different mediums in a free-style design look terrific for the background of a book cover, layout or card.

mixed media heart

Creating a mixed media heart with styrofoam and mist is a terrific way to add dimension.  The mist will not harm or melt the styrofoam and will give it a wonderful color (you won’t even know it is styrofoam)

just a little note

Hidden notes and messages are so fun, simply stamp them on.

Carpe Diem - mixed media

Follow the simple ideas Kerstin-Inga shares with us or be inspired to create your own Valentine or Love Mixed Media art.  Who ever receives your painted heart with be so excited.  For more wonderful projects by Kerstin-Inga visit her blog and follow her on Instagram.

Happy Valentine’s Week – we hope you have some time for you and a little creativity!!!


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  1. February 13, 2017 @ 8:54 pm JEan Marmo

    Very cool!


  2. February 14, 2017 @ 9:56 am Kerstin

    Thanks so much, I adore the thoughts to broken hearts and yes that’s true the amazing thing is that it can be healed with friendship, love and creativity ! Happy Valentine’s Day for all! Hugs Kerstin


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