Creative Story Telling: Cornelia Pennywinkle, Storybook Assemblage

What is your crafting style? What makes you want to create? What colors are you drawn to? What style gives you goosebumps? We each have our own style that makes us who we are.  We can spend time duplicating project we see from others or we can pave new creative roads and follow our creative passion.  Lisa of Lisa Kettell Designs  shows off her creative passion and whimsical style.  You will grab Lisa’s attention quickly with a handmade doll, special vintage specimen or rather unique found objects.  She finds beauty in everything she finds and creates treasures with them.  Lisa loves to tell stories through her work and that is so evident in your projects today. 


Cornelia Pennywinkle is the niece of Abigail Pennywinkle Winthrop, the famed archaeologist from Gladstone.  Abigail is most known for her relationship with Duke Strickland, the archaeologist who recently discovered artifacts from Penelope Batwood.  But what Duke doesn’t know is that Abigail was sent to the area to protect the location of the hidden wizard community from the Ministry of Magic.


Cornelia attends the Beverly Wistica School of Young Wizards in Peapack. She was recently sent to Africa with an archaeological teen group.  Only a handful of wizards are accepted into the program which lasts close to 6 months.  Oliver Woodsy is running the exhibition and is in charge of their safety especially Cornelia’s.  Soon into the exhibition, Cornelia is surprised with a visit from her Aunt Abigail at the Mumbai Museum of Antiquities.  Here the true reason for her trip is revealed.

Here is a commemorative assemblage project to bring a bit of Cornelia’s world into yours.


Materials Used:



  1. Cut out a vintage girl image of your choice, then layer and adhere the image to sturdy cardstock using zip dry. Cut out and set aside.
  2. Next attach the vintage image to the upside down base of an ice cream treat cup.
  3. Roll a small cone shape for the wizard hat using a paper pattern from the Serengeti or Halloween paper pack and hot glue in place. Then attach the cone hat to the vintage image.
  4. Now hot glue a natural small tree branch to the rim of the ice cream treat cup
  5. Choose several vintage book images found on the serengetti paper pack. Next cut out several strips of paper, glue one book image to each strip, then paper fan the strips to form book pages.
  6. Create several mini books and randomly hot glue to the ice cream treat cup.
  7. Finish embellishing the piece with more ephemera, mini bottles, mini clothes pins, dowel, stars, buckle, pom pom trim and ribbon.
  8. Fill the base of the ice cream treat cup with shredded paper.
  9. Finally age the treat box with ink and a cotton ball. Add glitter and the magic is created.



  • Try using German silver glass glitter, it will naturally turn and give your piece an even more authentic  look.
  • Add more mini books or ephemera to the piece.
  • Punch holes into the ice cream treat cups using a skewer and insert a battery operated tea light to it for more magic.
  • Instead of found photographs, try using vintage or new family photos that have altered and tell a story using each member of your family as a character in it.

Hope this project inspired you to create a storybook world of your own and bring it to life.



So why not create you own little characters, tell their story in your journals, on your blog or with your kids.  

Happy Creating!!!



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  1. February 20, 2016 @ 6:46 pm Barb Housner

    this is such a fun project and love the story.


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