Green Grocery Bag by Priscilla Lim

Create your own Green Grocery Bag #SGPCCBmatchup


Have you been following our month long matchup with StencilGirl Products?? There have been some PRETTY AMAZING creations from both teams. Today we have Crew Member Priscilla Lim sharing a FABULOUS Green Grocery Bag. LOVE her idea!

Green Grocery Bag by Priscilla Lim

As we go green and help heal the world, major stores around the world are promoting to reuse and recycle their bags. The usual recycle bags that you get usually don’t last too long or the handle gives way easily. Thus I’m always on a look out for good quality canvas tote which will go a long way. This Canvas Market Bag from Canvas Corp is such a good size at 14″ x 14″ x 4″. The bag is made from 14 ounces; 100% canvas cotton. So sturdy that I plan to bring it along when I visit the library with my boy. This bag can definitely hold some weight. What makes it more exciting than finding a good bag is to be able to personalize it! With the product matchup with Stencil Girl Products, I was able to stencil some prettiness on the bag and needless to say in my favourite color! 🙂
Here are some simple step by step instructions on how I work to get the canvas bag stenciled.

Canvas Corp – Canvas Market Bag (14″ x 14″ x 4″)
Tattered Angels DIY & Decor Paint – Jade
StencilGIrl Products – Scribble Blooms Stencil

Green Grocery Bag with Priscilla Lim

First of, tape down both side of the bag following the seam line. This will give it a nice border.

Recycle Grocery Bag by Priscilla Lim

Tape edges of bag

Using the DIY & Decor paint, we can start stenciling the first square. Note that I did not align the stencil following the border but giving it a little allowance at the side. This will allow the stencil to have a more natural look. To have a flowing pattern across the whole strip, do ensure you are using the stencil with the same top and bottom end. The brand and item number should be at the bottom. Do remember to press down firmly on the stencil to prevent any movement or smudging on the canvas fabric. This is how the first part looks like. Let dry of this first section before starting on the second section.

Recycle Grocery Bag by Priscilla Lim

Apply paint through stencil

Recycle Grocery Bag by Priscilla Lim

Stenciled image





















In order to link up the blooms on the stencil, you have to flip the stencil to the back and join up the patterns.Refer to the short clip on flipping the stencil. Do remember to keep the stencil upright again. Once done, let dry before stenciling on the 3rd and final section.

Recycle Grocery Bag by Priscilla Lim

Flip stencil to repeat pattern

For this 3rd section, the stencil should be facing the right side up again. The exact same placement as the first section. Ensure the blooms join up nicely as shown in the picture.

Recycle Grocery Bag by Priscilla Lim

Continuing stenciling

Repeat step 1 – 4 on the other side of the bag and you are done! Isn’t it easy and fun to have your very own bag? 🙂

Recycle Grocery Bag by Priscilla Lim

Repeat process on backside of bag

Here’s the final look on the whole bag. I love how pretty it looks and the canvas bag is so me. Hope you have fun reading this post and I would love to see your creation. Remember to tag Canvas Corp Brand when you have created your very own bag. Can’t wait to check yours out 🙂

Recycle Grocery Bag by Priscilla Lim

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'Create your own Green Grocery Bag #SGPCCBmatchup' have 4 comments

  1. April 19, 2017 @ 11:30 pm Jill McDowell

    Easy peasy! This would make a beautiful and thoughtful gift. #sspccbmatchup


  2. April 25, 2017 @ 9:07 am Mary Holshouser

    You matched up the stencils so well – you
    would never think that they weren’t all
    one piece. Great recycling idea – from
    plain to dressy shopping bag.
    thanks for sharing


  3. April 26, 2017 @ 8:12 am Cathy Frailey

    The choice of color & stencil is fabulous! #SGPCCBmatchup


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