Creativity Heals!!! Make something Pink

The Crew has been creating the most amazing “pink” items in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  We decided if just one creative project featured this month helps just one person then all this crafty pinkness was so worth it.  Not only is a handmade card or a handmade gift a welcome treat when you have one of those days, but research shows that the actual act of creating has benefits.  Consider putting together a gift basket of crafty goodies for a friend who is just started fighting their battle, who is in the middle of the fight or is conquering it, but still has a lot on the mind.  You can include simple crafty items that are easy to use for those who might not consider them crafty sorts or you can include more unusual goodies for those who love to craft, but may not feel like it right now to encourage them…..Creative arts therapy benefits cancer patients, research says.  What if a little glue, beads, glitter, fabric, paper and embellishments can actually lend a hand at fighting this vicious battle.

We are sharing today on the blog some handmade gift ideas that you can share along with the goodies to make them or create them yourself and make someone’s day.  The idea behind these gifts was to keep them simple and quick with lots of love to go with them.


 Tatiana shares with us this special pink brooch that can be worn in honor of someone, giving to a caregiver or a special gift to someone fighting this horrible disease.  Add little pieces to the center that help tell your story.  Things that have special meaning.

file (5)

Kimberly created these thoughtful and useful gifts including a drawstring tote bag for a book, an apple and a few more goodies, a ticking rice heating pad and envelope – warm it up or cool it down to put right on an ache or a pain


 Sheila created this special canvas that sends a great message.  Provide all the pieces for this craft to spur on some creativity including markers, paints, mists, pencils, pastels, ink, etc to color in the artwork – adult coloring is all the rage and there is definite proof that adult coloring is relaxing and therapeutic.  To see how she did it visit her blog Sheila Rumney.

You Are Stronger by Lynne Forsythe 

‘You are stronger thank you know’ by Lynne Foresythe


A crate is a great place to bring together elements that mean a lot or are collected along the way + some pretty things.  See how Maria created this on the blog.  

file (9)

Chana shows us how to create something that is moving and beautiful.  Create you own kind of art or give supplies and a blank canvas and let the creativity heal.  

Outubro rosa 1

Ilana inspires us on her blog to ‘Don’t forget to be AWESOME” you can escape with these fun mixed media techniques.

Each of these projects is meant to inspire you to create or inspire someone else to create.  If you love to create – consider spending time with someone who is fighting the fight – that time will mean more than you ever know.  If you hear the words “I am not creative”  or “I cannot do any of that” remind them that there are no rights or wrongs.  Just escape into the world of art.  You colors, your surfaces your way!!!!!

Create and heal!!!!!!


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  1. October 12, 2015 @ 4:00 pm jean marmo

    Thanks for supporting breast cancer awareness!


  2. October 12, 2015 @ 7:06 pm Ilana Polakiewicz

    Wow! All the projects are really amazing and I love the post. The idea of inspiring who is suffering and fighting is heartwarming.


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