DIY Angel Wing Mantel Makeover

The Angels are inspiring us to be creative in our home today.  Creative mantel decor is still very popular and a fun way to quickly update a room by just adding a few touches, gathering items you have around the home and creating a few special things.  Everyone is creating seasonal mantels for just about every holiday, why not they are so fun to do, but what you do you in-between the holidays, especially the long stretch between 4th of July and Fall or Halloween.  Crew member, Angélique Jarrier, had fun with her mantel creating these amazing, gigantic angel wings.  Why can’t mantel decor be fun, using household items, maybe get the kids involved, it is not permanent, it is fun to look at and then something new as the new season arrives.  

Painted angel wings

Hello, here is my latest project! It was made with the theme “wings wings wings” in mind.  One of the things the crew gets from time to time is inspiration and it is fun for us to see what we can come up with.  Canvas Corp Brands offers so many different products that your mind can go wild with a simple theme or idea like wings.
This is a long project to complete, but it’s very simple and fun, and the end result is really worth all the time you have to put in!  I found the idea on Pinterest, and really loved it.
Here is my version:
Materials Used:
Tattered Angels Decor & DIY Paint – Crystal
Tattered Angels Decor & DIY Paint – Sterling
Canvas Corp Stretched Canvas
White Paper Plates – 150
Tools Used:
Strong and resistant glue
A template wings
This project is very large – it measures 120 cm by 80 cm (or about 47 inches by 31 inches) and it is very impressive and life-size!
Step 1 – For starters, it is worth it to freehand the shape of the wings on your canvas. You can use a template if you choose to – it will zoom into the desired size that you need. I suggest you search for “angel wings template” on Pinterest or google to see if anything interesting pops up.  Here are a few we found – Angel Wing Templates  you can decide the style, size and shape.
 Step 2 - Guardian Angel Wings
Step 2 – The second step is to cut each of your paper plates in half.  For this project I used 150 plates (2 packages).
Step 3 Part 1 - Angel Wings
Step 3 – After you get it started, the rest is easy. Just glue your plates on your template.   You can do this by laying the canvas down or doing it vertically, just choose a glue that adheres quickly if you decide to do it standing up.
Step 3 Part 2 - Guardian Angel
 Layer the plates in different directions to make them appear as angel wing feathers.
Step 3 Part 3 - Angel Wings
Step 4 – Once your assemblage is finished, you want to let it dry overnight before painting it.  For my project, I wanted a “shabby ” look, so I opted for the colors “Sterling” and “Crystal” to bring nuance and sweetness.
Step 4 - Decor and DIY Paint
Tattered Angels Decor & DIY paint is like milk and chalk paints on the market but not preparation needed, just a quick stir and paint.
Step 4 Part 1 - Paper Plate Angel Wings
If you are looking for something more permanent rather than paper plates, consider making round cuts from any 12×12 papers, fabrics or other natural materials.  You can paint them, stain them, distress them, making a set of wings for the mantel any way you wish.  
Step 5 Part 1 - ANgel wings
Paint the canvas and the wings all the same color to make them one piece of art.  
Step 6 - Tattered Angels paint
Paint the tips of the wings with a bit of white or lighter color to make them appear more like feathers.  
Step 7 - Finished Angel Wings
 We hope the Angels have inspired you to look up at the mantel and consider doing something fun for August that will remind you to open your wings and take flight.  Take it out of the studio and into your home and let the world enjoy your creativity.
Check out Angélique’s Blog and Instagram account for more projects and inspiration!


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  1. March 29, 2017 @ 9:11 am Linda Helton

    Can you show or explain how you did each layer step by step to get that layered effect?
    Can you use a shiny paint? If so, which one would you recommend? It’s absolutely beautiful! I have to make one for my bedroom.


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