DIY Baby Room Decor with Tattered Angels Stained Glass Paint

With a new little one on the way, how will the room be decorated?  Maybe a mural on the wall, fun art or how about a mobile made with handmade art?  This dimensional art piece is a standout when it comes to baby room decor and it sets this little one’s space apart from any other baby’s room and we love that.  Crew Member Viktoriya Porechnaya shows us how Tattered Angels Stained Glass Paints are the prefect choice for these baby art pieces that make the perfect mobile, wind chime or modern art piece.  
If you are not familiar with the Stained Glass Paints here is what you need to know: they tint glass, plastic and clear or light objects a beautiful sheer color but they can also be used to make objects like these sheer decor pieces or they can be poured into a mold to create objects.  The paints dry sheer in a thin coat or when poured into a mold.  The results are truly beautiful and when the sun hits them…oh my.  
diy baby room decor
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star is the name of this art piece and it is perfect for a little one’s room.
tattered angels stained glass paints and window pen
Tattered Angels – Stained Glass Paints – OrangeHot PinkAqua
White copy paper
Clear plastic folder
Window contour(or other contour paint) Gold/Perlen
Twine, Cord or Ribbon
5 Plastic sticks or wooden dowels
Tools Used: Pencil, Scissors; paint brush; Crop-A-Dile

baby mobile
Step 1 – Search for basic baby or themed images for your art. Look on the web, in coloring books, on fabrics, or sketch your own designs. Print or trace them onto white paper.

baby art images
Step 2 – Place pictures under a plastic folder cover and draw the contours using dimensional paint. I use gold and pearlescent contours for the moon and stars. Let it dry for about an hour.
stained glass star
 Step 3 – Fill in the shapes with Stained Glass paints using a brush.
painting with stained glass paint
 Step 4 – Fussy cut the plastic images.
diy stained glass
 Step 5 – Make a holes with a Crop-A-Dile.
crop a dile
Step 6 – Thread the fishing line (or thin cord) through the holes, tie the knots and add beads.
making a mobile
Step 7 – You can hang the stars and moon separately around the room or attach them to the plastic sticks to create a moon and stars mobile.
moon and stars
So the pieces are sketched, outlines, painted, fussy cut and hung by the sticks with care to watch over baby and put love in the air.  Oh how they twinkle during the day and sparkle a little the rest of the way.  To see more of Viktoriya’s work, visit her blog  and follow her on Instagram 
Happy Creating!!!


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