DIY Gifts: Nautical Coasters

We love handmade gifts anytime, but they are extra special during the holidays.  We all love to find or make just the right gift for each person on our Christmas shopping list and these DIY coaster might just do the trick.  We created a few options to show you how easy they are to make.  You can design yours with our Natural Nautical theme or choose a theme that is perfect for you, such as, Vino & Ale, Wine & Cheese, Travel, Western, Kitchen, Holiday, BakingHalloween, Garden, CocktailsHis & Hers, Classic Nautical or just a fun combination of colors or a vintage theme.  


Each bottle showcases a different coaster.  The bottles are all recycled wine and oil bottles covered with burlap, paper, printed canvas and are so fun to make.  Today we are going to talk coasters.  Each one was so fun and easy to make and you can mix and match them or choose your favorite style and create a set of 4 or maybe 8, tie them up with a bit of jute cord and you have a beautiful handmade gift.

1- Decoupage Cardboard Coasters


What you will need:

Tools:  Paint Brush, X-acto, Scissors, Marvy Round Punch, hole punch

Step 1:  Cut equal parts of cardboard squares and printed canvas pieces that measure to the same size, we are showing 5″x5″, but they can be smaller allowing you to make more from the fabric panel which measures 12.5″x 15″ of actual art space so you can divide it up the best way.  Don’t worry if the art cuts off a bit, we designed them that way.

Step 2:  spread the Fast Finish Decoupage over the cardboard and place the fabric on top and add another coat.  We did a single coat, you decide if you want to add a few more coats.  This gives your coaster some added protection when drinks condensate onto the coasters.  Hold into place with clips to make sure the canvas lays down flat.IMG_4369

Step 3:  with your X-acto knife you can rough up the edges of the cardboard to give them a DIY finished look.  Stack and wrap with jute cord.

Step 4:  Stack your coasters and wrap them up like a little gift with a piece of natural jute cord.  Tie into the bow two round tags punched from Canvas Corp Cardstock, which turns them immediately into tags.

IMG_4557 copy

2 – Decoupage Paper Cardboard Coasters



What you will need:

Tools:  Scissors, X-Acto, Paint Brush

IMG_4377This one really does not need a step out – cut your cardstock sheet into squares 4″x4.”  This is a great size as you can get 9 squares or you can make 9 coasters from one 12×12 sheet of paper!!!  Cut your cardboard to the same size with your X-Acto and glue them together with Beacon’s 3 in 1.  We don’t recommend a tape gun for this project, it will not hold the two paper mediums together well enough.  You can also add Beacon’s Fast Finish Decoupage to the top for more protection.


3- Misted Flute Coasters


What you will need:

Tools:  Scissors, X-Acto, heat gun (optional)


Step 1:  Mist the C-flute paper with one or more Glimmer Mist Paints.  While still wet, smash down some of the flutes to get this look and then let dry completely.  You can use a heat gun to speed up the process.

Step 2:  Cut the flute and the cardboard into 4″x4″ or larger pieces (but the same size) and glue them together.  You can rough up the edges a bit.

Step 3:  Wrap it up by fussy cutting one of the icons on the Art Page and punching a hole at the top.  Slip in a long piece of the chocolate waxed cord and wrap it around your stack of coasters.  You can use the back to add your to: and from:


Side Note:  This water bottle was made from a recycled wine bottle.  Wrap it with piece of misted printed canvas and accent with canvas and jute.  These are great for filling with water and setting them at the table for your guests or drop in a few simple flowers.

4 – Canvas Stitched Coasters


What you will need:

Tools:  Scissors, Sewing Machine, Black thread


Step 1:  Cut 4 round circles that are about 1/4″ smaller in diameter than the coasters from the grey and ivory ribbon stripe.  Do this free hand with your scissors for a more handmade look, for those with all the tools, yes you can punch or cut a perfect circle about 3.75″ in diameter.

Step 2:  Cut 4 round circles from the printed nautical fabric that are about 1/4″ smaller than the grey and ivory circles.  You can cut by hand again giving them a more handmade look.

Step 3: layer the coaster on the bottom, grey and ivory in the middle and top with the printed canvas circle.

Step 4:  start in the middle and begin sewing in a circular motion around about 4-5 times to sew all 3 pieces together.

Step 5:  repeat

Step 6:  slip 4-8 coasters into the crate and tie with jute adding one of the tags from the Nautical Tag pack and a charm from the 7g Maritime Charms.  Give as it is or put in a sweet box and wrap with holiday wrap.



CC (Company Cat) wanted to get in on the action a bit, we think she is dreaming of a trip to the shore where she can stretch out, pop on some shades on and get a little sun.


We hope that these simple DIY coaster ideas get the creative juices flowing for you to create your own gifts this holiday season.  You can fit the design to the style of each person on your holiday list.  Create a variety of styles or pick your favorite and make a few dozen.  Coasters are cost effective gift, but they look like a million bucks and make great stocking stuffers too.  These are also great to make for a cocktail or holiday party verses the boring old cocktail napkins, set them around and encourage your guests to use your pretty creations.


 Happy Creating!!!!



Canvas Corp Brands is the home of Tattered Angels, 7Gypsies and Canvas Corp (Canvas Home Basics). We are a manufacturer of surfaces, paint and vintage reproductions coming to you from Springdale, Arkansas.

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