DIY Mixed Media Origins Rose Box

Sometimes we created pretty things, but we are not always sure what to do with the art.  We can frame it, we can make a card or we can stash it away for a rainy day.  Linda, from the Crew, did just that.  She started playing with the roses from the new Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origins Paper – Blooms  (This is one of 12 very cool mixed media papers that are printed on a special paper that loves lots of paint, water and mediums.) and the results were amazing.  So she decided to repurpose an old box and turn it into a perfect storage or gift box.  

watercolor painted rose box


We love how cute all the Canvas Corp Brands goodies look tucked into this sweet little box.


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I fell in love with the rose from the Tattered Angels Origins Paper – Blooms and it kind of hurt to cut it out, but that is what I did.  I have had an old IPad box laying around that I have wanted to decorate for some time and finally the day had come and now I have a little box to hold all my small CCB goods.  Here is a fun way to decorate an old boxed (I am sure that many of you, just like me) have laying around.

Here is what I used:

Tools:  paint brush, tray or plastic dish for pouring out glimmer mist, scissors, cutting knife, paper cutter

Here is a video that walks you through the steps and a few images and close ups.

Let’s make the rose for the box first:
Step 1: Cut out the rose or the part of the paper you want to work with.  You can cut it out second, but if you do it first you have the remaining paper to do something with, I can promise you won’t want to throw it away or waste it.  Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origins BloomThe paper has a very thick feel to it and it is stronger than regular paper, almost like fabric.  So fussy cutting out is easy and the details stay in tact even when you move them around a bit.  This is a great paper for mixed media projects.
mixed media origins
Step 2:  Shake and pour some of each of the Glimmer Mist Paints onto a tray, packaging or other smooth surface.  You can pick the colors you love the best.
tattered angels glimmer mistYou don’t want to put on a paper plate that will observe the mist.
adult coloring with tattered angels
Step 3:  Color in your your art with a paint brush and glimmer mist.  The Mist is sheer and the art behind the mist will come through making a beautiful rose.  Mix different tones to get shading and highlights.  You can also add details with your favorite markers.
mixed media origins rose
You can use one color and let the art behind created the texture or add a range of colors.  Have fun, no right, no wrong.
tattered angels mixed media rose
Set aside to dry and let’s make the box.
Step 1:  Depending on the box you choose you will probably want to paint it.  Tattered Angels High Impact Paint is a great choice, if the box is matte finish, glossy or has texture, the paint will adhere with no issues.
diy gift box
Step 2:  Cut the black flute to the size of the box and apply with glue.  If you are not doing black you can use white e-flute and paint it to match your box, so it all blends.  Paint with the High Impact any area that shows so that you have a solid color black box and lid when you are done.
painted box
Step 3:  Cover the inside of the box with a scrapbook paper from your stash, I used one of the Gypsy Moments Papers from 7gypsies.  If you are using smaller papers you can piece them together and add a cute touch like the strip of canvas.  Looks handmade and the paper looks perfect.    Line the inside of the lid too or you can paint it black.
paper lined box
Step 4:  Run a bit of jute cord or a ribbon where the edges come together.
mixed media origins rose box
Step 5:  Glue your painted rose to the front of the box.  The fluted paper is not flat, so a wet glue like Beacon’s 3 in 1 is a great choice.
watercolor rose
Fill you box up with goodies to help keep you organized, to give as a gift or maybe it is all you need for your next project.  This helps keeps all the little bits and pieces out of site, but right where you need them.
canvas corp brands products
Pop the lid on and you are done.
watercolor painted rose box
So don’t throw away that great box you got, stash it away for a rainy day that is filled with some adult coloring with a brush.
To see more of Linda’s work visit her blog – Paper Fun Crafting and follow Linda on Instagram.


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