Fabulous Junk Journal with 7gypsies Wanderlust

Learn how to make a fabulous junk journal with many great techniques you will use time after time.  Are you new to junk journals? Maybe you have made a few!  Maybe you have made many!  No matter where you are in your junk journal journey we know that you are looking for ideas, inspiration and incentive to start the next one and we are very very very sure this project will do just that.  Junk Journals are defined so many different ways, but at the end of the day, it is a journal of things you love, colors you love, found pieces you love, printed pieces you love; with a bit of this and a little bit of that.  WuWu shows us how to fill it up and keep it going and love every minute of it.  We have a passion for Junk Journals and we are lucky to have a couple of Junk Journal wizards in our Creative Crew. Here is Crew Member Wu Wu’s journal and we are so excited that she included pieces from the 7gypsies Wanderlust Collection and a few other bits and pieces.  One great idea when starting a new junk journal is to pick a color or palette that you stick to through the entire journal, it is not required by any means, but it gives you a starting place and a good place to go back to.  Another is to find a focal point photo, ephemera or image that sets the tone.  Place it on the front cover or tuck it a away, but now you have a focal point to match your colors, textures and themes to as you make choices of what to add to your journal.  If you don’t have the right color papers, you can always mist white paper with glimmer mist and make your own.  Junk Journaling = no rules.

artsy junk journal

Let papers slip in and let pieces slip out giving your journal texture, dimension and fun.

Wu Wu was inspired by the images, sayings and colors she gathered in a few cards and this creative journal came to life.  This terrific page of sayings is part of the Wanderlust Collection and can be found in this great paper pack – Wanderlust.

I love creating junk journals. Those let me free my mind and simply relax. And this time it was something more. I found these beautiful papers with amazing vintage cards. Especially the quotes on them. I have to say I have never seen such amazing cards like these. And I just knew that will be a great junk journal, full of thoughts, reflections and emotions. Each page tells about things important in our life. The quotes again and again remind us about simple, but really true rules. So it will be big plaeasure to use this journal.

Mixing different neutral tones from burlap to manilla and vintage cream lace to distressed paper gives each page a wonderful background to show off the sayings WuWu loves and truly makes them a focal point. Some journals are filed with pockets and special messages tucked inside and Wu Wu puts her messages up front for all to see~~  “Enjoy Today…Yesterday is Gone…Tomorrow may never come!!!”

Adding a wide array of different ribbons to the pages, tags and layers adds wonderful color, texture and is a great way to use that last pieces of silk ribbon you just could not toss away.  “Don’t Judge Without Knowing The Reasons”  that goes for everyday life and also for the those who have a stash of ribbons they cannot throw away and here is the reason why!!!

Each page can take on its own personality with a different touch of color, but as you flip through the pages there is something that walks you from one page to the other.  “Walking” is a great creative term that basically means a color, a ribbon a paper, something ties on page or art pieces to the next.  The pages don’t need to look alike, just have at least one common element that allows the eye to walk easily from on to the next.  That is a great secret to making cohesive journals

7gypsies Architextures™ Findings – International Coins looks like a jewel with a simple black and white patterend background or a piece of Canvas Corp Burlap Fringe.

The Architextures collection by 7gypsies is the perfect embellishments for junk journaling, a bit of dimension, a realistic look and the scale is just perfect.  WuWu adds touches of the Trinkets, Treasures and Findings into her journal and we just love it.  They are adhesive and look so realistic.

Layers of various ephemera allow you to create very unique pages with wonderful dimension.  Letting a bit of the papers fall off the pages fills the book with so much fun.

Products from Canvas Corp Brands: 7gyspies Wanderlust – Open New Doors 12×12 paper, 7gypsies Architextures™ Findings – Vintage Keys Collection, 7gypsies Architextures™ Findings – International Coins, Canvas Corp Burlap Fringe – Natural Burlap.

To see more of Wu Wu’s work visit her Instagram Page and follow her for more exciting junk journal and creative projects.  We love working with the most creative people in the world and showing off what we do.

Happy Creating!!!



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  1. January 9, 2019 @ 4:11 am Marie Johansson

    This is totally amazing WuWu! Love it to bits!


  2. January 9, 2019 @ 8:53 am Lena

    Amazing,veautiful project. I love it.


  3. January 9, 2019 @ 8:54 am Lena

    Amazing,beautiful project. I love it.


  4. January 14, 2019 @ 11:49 am Christine Kiehl

    This journal is simply amazing! So very creative!


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