Today we are going on a journey across the Atlantic Ocean to the beautiful country of Luxembourg. Luxembourg officially the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, is a land locked country in western Europe. It is bordered by Belgium to the west and north, Germany to the east, and France to the south. Its culture, people and languages are intertwined with its neighbors, making the language a mixture of French and German. 

Lux 0244 Luxembourg City, Grund, bridge over Alzette river
This beautiful country is home to our next spotlight artist, Jaine Drake, a designer for the Canvas Corp Brands Design Team, aka the “Creative Crew!”  Its in this majestic land that Jaine creates her beautiful masterpieces. To learn more about the history and fun facts of Luxembourg visit Wikipedia.com or Cedefop.europa.eu
Jaine hosted a fun event for the Crew this year, an ATC Exchange.  We gathered a group of over 30 of the Crew and created a dozen ATC’s each and sent them around the world.  There were ATC’s crisscrossing the globe and entertained a lot of mailboxes.  It was so much fun to see all the projects and the excitement to actually have mail to open.envies  We appreciate Jaine for coordinating the efforts and making a lot of mailboxes very happy.  Here are the ATC’s Jaine created.
photo 1
Jaine loves the mists and her ATC’s are a perfect example of that mist love!!!photo 8
To see the Crew Artist Trading Card Exchange – Artist Trading Cards from Around the World.
As part of our spotlight series we have asked each crew member to share a little bit about themselves. Questions that spotlight their creative talents and where the get inspired by. Our crew is spread out across the globe. They provide us and our artistic community with so much creativity on a daily basis. We are excited to bring to life their journey while we share ours….So lets get started and introduce you to Jaine….
 Describe your design style….Definitely eclectic. I’m a mixed media addict but my style changes like the wind. Depending on what mood I’m in or what music I’m listening to I can go from graphic and clean to collage with painty mess.
Jaine lets her imagination soar and creates many gorgeous projects by tapping into her imagination. The result is an endless supply of creativity. Here is just one example. This piece is called Hello Spring how amazing is this? Click on the link to view the whole project!
jaines artwork
Who or what do you give credit to for inspiring your creativity? Both of my Grandma’s were arty/crafty. My maternal Grandma taught me how to sew while my paternal Grandma was very much into knitting and crochet. As a child growing up in the 1900’s she’d also attended an art school and learned technical drawing. For a young woman at that time it was very radical of her parents to give her that sort of education. I really admired that and I think that’s where my passions began.
What inspires you most today?  Of course my family are a huge influence on my work but with my studio window looking out at the forest and over my garden I can’t help but be inspired by my surroundings. As a result birds and flowers find their way into most of my journals.
What is your favorite Canvas Corp Brand Product? and why? (We asked them to pick just one, which has proven to be difficult for some and easy for others.) Without a doubt that’s got to be Tattered Angels Simply Sheer range of sprays. The colours are so vibrant and I love the flat colour without glimmer. Don’t get me wrong I love the glimmer in the other spray ranges but Simply Sheer is beautiful when used simply with a paintbrush like watercolor.
What is your favorite project you have created using CCB Products? This canvas hangs above my desk so I see it every day. I love the bright colours and the three flowers represent my three girls.
jaine pink canvas
jaine pink canvas 2
Do you teach and if so tell us a bit about what you teach, where you go and some of your favorite places? I teach a group of ladies locally every so often. A few years ago a friend and I set up a small society to introduce the local ladies to scrap booking. They really love it and slowly I’m trying to interest them in mixed media. They’re a lovely bunch of ladies (and girls) and it’s always a treat to meet up with them.
I am the happiest doing…..When I’m in my studio with my journal open and the paint is out, that is when I’m happiest. I get antsy if I can’t do something crafty each day.
My favorite place to be creative….Either in the garden or on the beach. I always take a travel journal kit away with me and there’s nothing more satisfying than sitting on a beach sketching or doodling.
Tell us one cool detail about your studio or craft space. I’ve a huge art table in the middle of the room which I can change the height of so I can stand at it to work yet I always end up working at the small space under the window as it looks out over my garden.
Tell us one thing fun about you we might not know…Last year I celebrated my 50th birthday with my best friend hiking through the Tyrolean mountains in Austria. I had many Sound Of Music moments I can tell you!
Each Crew Member was asked to create a 4 x 4 stretched canvas art which resembled their personality. We love what Jaine did to hers. A total mix media piece layered with a blend of aquas, teals, blues and creamy white are beautiful…..
 jaine drake
Share with us anything about your creative life that you feel would inspire others….For several years now I’ve been writing and creating for a UK Craft magazine. I had to send in a lot of work before I had something published but I wasn’t going to give up. If you want it, don’t be afraid to be pushy…
Jaine has been a dynamic part of the group sharing a wide variety of projects that make us smile, she is always up for a challenge and helps us explore our products in new ways.
To follow Jaine visit her blog Basement Studio, her Facebook page and follow her on Instagram.
Join us for more work by the Crew and Canvas Corp Brands on our new Facebook Group – just ask to join and we will welcome you in –Canvas Corp Brands Collective Facebook Group


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  1. May 3, 2016 @ 1:56 pm Barb Housner

    I always enjoy meeting “The Crew Members” and finding out more about them. I love how Jaine uses such bright colors. A fellow crafter after my heart.


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