Featured Crew Member: Jorunn Andreassen

This is an exciting week as we finish up the application process for the 2017 Crew and put together the new Crew.  Every member on the Crew has such an amazing creative voice and we appreciate each one of them and their contribution to the CCB so much.  Jorunn has been a strong voice for the Crew this year, sharing ideas, support and speaking up for the international Crew members to make sure that every voice is heard and we love that.  It is our goal to bring creatives from around the world together as one group, while recognizing that every culture, part of the world and personal style is unique and should be recognized.
Where do you reside?  I live in Stavanger a city in west Norway.
Describe your design style….When I create something, I try to present my playful humor and I love to challenge myself to try something I have not done before. My style? Do not know what to call it…Playful.
Who or what do you give credit to inspiring your creativity?There are many who inspire me. Let me think. My best friend Linn Sjåfjell, who helped me start with this hobby, the crops I attend, the classes I got to and not to mention the products I use. When I started scrapbooking, there was a forum that I was a member of with a lot of other people. Today it is the good friends I made during that times, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube who is the source of my creativity.
What inspires you most today?  It is the season I am in that gives me inspiration.
What is your favorite Canvas Corp Brand Product? and why? Just one please!!!!  7gypsies, because the options are so big.
What is your favorite project you have created using CCB Products? 

Why is it your favorite?  It’s hard to pick a favorite because they are all favorites in different ways. This shows why it is so nice to be in the team Canvas Corp Brands, the possibilities are so large to do a lot of different things.
Do you teach and if so tell us a bit about what you teach, where you go and some of your favorite places?  I have taught courses featuring Project Life and layouts, how to build layers, just play around and product specific courses. I have most of my classes at Scrappiness, where I was Designer for two years.
I am the happiest doing…..I’m really happy when I manage to be one with what I make, with an idea that is really good. When I’m sitting humming, talking to myself and the music I listen to is completely gone, because I am totally concentrated on the art I make.
We ask each Crew member to make a 4×4 that represents their personal creative style and the texture, layers and color help tell Jorunn’s creative style so well. 

My favorite place to be creative…..I have a small cave in the basement, where I have all my equipment, computer, music, and here I am able to shut out the world.
Tell us one cool detail about your studio or craft space…Well I have not received everything on my scrap room after a flood we had in the summer, but this picture gives a small picture of how we have managed to build up my room again.
This corner is my favorite place. Here, my computer stand, and the bench where I will scrap cards, boxes or layout. If I’m going to keep on with paint and mixed media I’m on the other side of the room. I have to even hung up a drying rack for clothing, so I can hang up my wet mixed media pages.
Tell us one thing fun about you we might not know…When I’m on crops, I talk to myself.   My scrapping girlfriend Helga, she finishes the sentences I had start, even though I am not talking to her and my good friend Arnlaug says I laugh a lot at myself and no one can figure out what is so funny….I’m not quite sure I know it myself either, but this is a good sign, it means that I am enjoying myself and am inside my own creative bubble.
Share with us anything about your creative life that you feel would inspire others….Do not be afraid to try something new, and no one is born champion. If it makes you happy, then you are on the right track.
To see more of Jorunn’s work visit her blog, follower her on Instagram and Facebook.  
We are looking forward to the 2017 and a fun creative time with our Crew.




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  1. November 8, 2016 @ 1:43 pm jean marmo

    Such fun! Love getting to know the crew members more!


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  3. November 11, 2016 @ 7:04 am Bibi Lindahl

    Hei Jorunn! Nice to read your interview and getting to know you even better! ♥
    Great photos of your lovely makes and the studio in process. I hope you have moved in there now 🙂
    Hugs from Bibi in Fredrikstad


    • November 11, 2016 @ 9:10 am Jorunn Andreassen

      Thank you Bibi, yes i have moved in, but you know i dident have time to cleen it before the interview 🙂

      Big Hugs Jorunn ♥


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