Today we would like to travel to the beautiful Peach State of Georgia home of many American favorites. The famous Margaret Mitchell novel, “Gone With the Wind” was written in Georgia, the 1996  Summer Olympics were hosted in Atlanta and Savannah has been labeled the Nation’s most beautiful city. Not to mention being home to one of the largest production of peanuts and pecans in the US.This Grand state is home to our next spotlight artist, Netra Bates, a designer for the Canvas Corp Brands Design Team, aka the “Creative Crew!”  Its in Georgia that Netra creates her beautiful masterpieces. To learn more about the history and fun facts of her state visit Net State.com or Wikipedia.com
atlantic georgia
As part of our spotlight series we have asked each crew member to share a little bit about themselves. Questions that spotlight their creative talents and where the get inspired by. Our crew is spread out across the globe. They provide us and our artistic community with so much creativity on a daily basis. We are excited to bring to life their journey while we share ours….So lets get started and meet Netra….
netra profile
Netra takes a functional flare with many of her projects, using her creativity to create usable pieces that are simply fantastic. Here is just one example….
This simple portfolio is great for holding notes, scraps of paper, bills to be paid or upcoming birthday cards.  She created a matching note pad that is oh so cute.  Many of her projects are great gift ideas especially with the end of the school year coming up.  To see this project, jump over to her post DIY Note Pad and Agenda Folder.
Describe your design style….I have been trying to define my design style for years !! lol I think it’s vintage, whimsical, with a little bit of modern. to be safe, lets just say, I am all over the place.
Who or what do you give credit to for inspiring your creativity? I get a lot of design inspiration from Home Decor, believe it or not. I like to take the elements that are put on a coffee table and translate them into paper. Or use a color scheme from a vintage inspired living room. I am also inspired by my fellow crafters of course. You guys help me move out of my comfort zone a lot. I can’t express thankfulness of the crafting community enough. We are like a family.
What inspires you most today?  Today, the bulk of my inspirations comes from non crafty things. Seeing traveling photo’s, or pillows in a display window get my creative juices flowing. Looking out the window seeing birds, will translate to me to add feathers or a bird stamp on my next card. inspiration is all around. You just have to learn what your way of conveying it, is.
What is your favorite Canvas Corp Brand Product? and why? (We asked them to pick just one, which has proven to be difficult for some and easy for others.) This is the hardest question, EVER. LOL I would have to say the White on Kraft papers. They act like a base for everything. Yet beautiful enough to stand alone. There is nothing like it on the market today. Very unique. I like unique.
netra fave project
What is your favorite project you have created using CCB Products? I made these cards last summer. I wanted to be on the beach sooo bad. LOL The Mari Time paper collection was screaming “take me to the beach”. So I dove in, and started to create. I wanted to display my longing for the beach and water and this collection did that for me.
netra fave project 3
netra fave project 2
Do you teach and if so tell us a bit about what you teach, where you go and some of your favorite places? I don’t teach crafting in the traditional sense. I like to do tutorials and how to’s on you tube. But not in person.
I am the happiest doing…..Anything with my kids. Coloring, playing dolls, reading books, crafting for sure. Just anything with my girls.
My favorite place to be creative…..In my “office” space. I love coming in here in the morning with the music on, the sun shining in. Its a very happy moment that I try to work in each day!
 netra studio
Tell us one cool detail about your studio or craft space. One cool thing about my space is that my desk is handed down. I’ve had it for 8 yrs. It was white when I got it, then I painted it black. Its been covered with scrapbook paper, and contact paper. Now its bright White and glossy. I will never get rid of it. It has 3 huge drawers on the side and I’ll just keep redoing the top of it if I get bored with it. But it will always be my desk.
Tell us one thing fun about you we might not know…One fun thing? Well you might not know that I love animals. I love going to the Zoo. I could go everyday and never get bored. We have annual passes to Zoo Atlanta.
Each Crew Member was asked to create a 4 by 4 piece of canvas art which resembled their personality. We love what Nedra did to hers. The mix of teals, blues and raw canvas are beautiful. The whole piece is just full of life…..
netra canvas 4 by 4
Share with us anything about your creative life that you feel would inspire others…. Handmade, from the heart is always best. I entered my Gallery Wall in a HGTV feature contest, sort of thing, with all handmade items. Nothing pre-made from the store. I used lots of elements that I had made over the past months. I was so nervous because every one else had entered beautiful frames, quality looking pieces from nice Home Decor sites. But I entered anyway, and I was featured on their site with other amazing people. It was a turning point for me, because all elements were made with my hands, from my heart. I don’t second guess my designs anymore.
To follow Netra visit her blog XO Netra, her You Tube channel and follow her on Instagram.
Join us for more work by the Crew and Canvas Corp Brands on our new Facebook Group – just ask to join and we will welcome you in –Canvas Corp Brands Collective Facebook Group


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