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FEATURED CREW MEMBER: Linda Sandblåst Skotheim

Today we are going on a journey across the Atlantic Ocean to the West Coast of Norway was has two official names: Noreg in Nynorsk (Old Norse: Noregr) and Norge in Bokmål (Old Norse: Noregi, dative of Noregr). The name Norway comes from the Old Norse word Norðrvegr, “Northern Way” which the Geats and the Danes named the coastline…



Today we would like to travel to Siberia in the heart of Russia to the beautiful city of Khanty-Mansiysk, where our next spotlight artist lives. Here we introduce you to Tatiana Klimshina, a designer for the Canvas Corp Brands Design Team, aka the “Creative Crew!”   Khanty-Mansiysk is the capital of the world biathlon cup and chess…


Featured Crew Member: Dana Tatar

Let’s us introduce you to Dana Tatar.  She has been a part of the Canvas Corp Brands Design Team, the “Creative Crew,” for quite some time. We not only get her input and designs, but we also get the expertise of her creative little fingers from time to time.  Dana jumps in to help with the challenges,…

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