Featured Maker Louise Nelson

From time to time we like to invite crafters to be our Guest Designer/Blogger for a month to challenge us to see things in a different way and so that we may learn more about our products through the eyes of a new designer. Today we want you to meet one a lady that with her eclectic style has been been a huge source of inspiration to us through the years.  Louise was a remember of the Tattered Angels Design team back in 2012 and she has been a friends and supporter through the years.  Louise has always had creative hobbies. Before taking up scrapbooking, she loved to restore furniture. Since she started scrapbooking she has also developed a love for portrait photography, painting and her plans for 2017 will be to continue to explore her creative to do list; especially in the area of assemblage/sculpture and pottery/ceramics.

Welcome Louise Nelson!

Louise currently lives in South Australia. She has a day job, working full time as a Perioperative Nurse [RN] for an agency; working mostly evenings and night shifts in a public hospital emergency/trauma operating room in and around Adelaide.

CCB: Where are you from?

Louise:  I live in the beautiful city of Adelaide, South Australia. I am lucky enough to be in a suburb where I am only 10 minutes from the centre of Adelaide and 10 minutes from the beach.

CCB: How would you describe your design style?

Louise:  Hmmm I am never quite sure how to describe my style, but other people have told me the following; simple, minimalist, elegant, grungy, and emotive.

As Louise, we love  re-purposed art. Why not using a book page and the tip of your favorite mist bottle spritzer to draw?

One thing Louse likes to experiment with is adding paint, mist & textures with a lot of shimmer to a black backgrounds creating a really cool, grungy effect. Tattered Angels has a wide range of products suitable for the task!

CCB: How long have you been creating?

Louise:  I first started scrapbooking in May 2005, I remember it very well as I had just started a new job and one of my colleagues introduced me to scrapbooking by inviting me to one of her craft days.

CCB:What is your go to product right now?

Louise:  Heavy white gesso and chipboard.

CCB: Do you have a signature touch you like to include in all your pieces?

Louise:  Yes kind of, I always incorporate use of white or negative space in my layout design, and with many of my OTP projects I like for them to be meaningful, have a story to tell.

Louise is a wizard with textures and creates the most funky and eclectic off the page pieces.

CCB: What is the oddest inspiration you have used for one of your projects?

Louise:  I can’t actually think of anything that was particularly odd, however I am very much inspired by avant garde and haute couture fashion and always look to the new releases and runway shows with interest.

Tattered Angels Chalkboard Mist add just the perfect amount of glamor to a page! Louise used Polka Dot Pink, Strawberry Ice and Firefly.

CCB: What advice would you give to someone who gets in a creative slump?

Louise:  Hmmm, pushing through a creative slump is a very individual thing, I have personally tried many approaches, and currently what works for me is forced creativity, I just get in there a create 1 or 2 layouts to help me get in to the groove. They may not be pretty but it usually does the job.

CCB: Tell us one thing that people might not know about you.

Louise:  I dislike wearing shoes and if I didn’t have to I wouldn’t.

CCB: How often do you create?

Louise:  Not as often as I would like, but probably on average 1 maybe 2 days a week.

CCB: Do you jot down your ideas before you do them or do you create as you go?

Louise:  Always on the go! I get in a zone and just go with the flow and with the ideas that are in my head.

We love how Louise uses kraft paper as a background to many of her layouts.

You must love those wings…

You can find more inspiration from Louise Nelson here:

Blog link: http://louise-justloolabelle.blogspot.com.au
Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/loolabelle1961

 Instagram link/name: https://www.instagram.com/loolabelle/

Who would you like to see as one of our Guest Designer during 2017?  We are always looking for creative souls out there – artists, general crafters, food stylists, re purpose crafters, planner girls, mixed media artists, painters, seamstresses, interior decorators – maybe you are one of those? Please leave us a comment or send a  mail to mjohansson@canvascorp.com with your suggestion.




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    Louise rocks. Thank you for including her.


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    Louise rocks. Thank you for including her.


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