Four Ways to Stencil Using 7Gypsies Architextures Bases

Four Ways to Stencil Using 7gypsies Architextures Bases

Hello! Its Marie Nicole here on the blog today to share a few fun stenciling techniques with you! I hope you have had a chance to get your hands on some 7GYPSIES ARCHITEXTURES already! If you have not, maybe this little post will inspire you to try them!

Architextures are a totally unique product from 7gypsies. They look great all on their own, but there are also a ton of creative uses for them. I am using one of the tall bases today to stencil with. There are also many papers, rub-ons, textured self-adhesive pieces, and a variety of other ones that you may want to check out!

Now that you know a little about Architextures, let’s get started!
I’m making some fun, unique ATCs with these stenciling techniques and Architextures bases.
I have some pictures here for you to get an idea with, or, if you’d prefer to see the whole process in action, here’s my tutorial video.


Four Ways to Stencil Using 7Gypsies Architexture Bases

I began by cutting my ATCs down to size- 2.5″x3.5″. Then, I simply lifted up the ARCHITEXTURES BASE from the backing, slipped the ATC behind, and pressed the base down to the paper so it would stick. I love how these bases are adhesive, yet not so strong that they will tear your paper. They are ideal for stenciling!

Four Ways to Stencil Using 7Gypsies Architexture Bases

The first medium I used to stencil with was Distress Inks and a ink blending tool. I simply chose two colors of ink and blended them over my base and onto my cardstock. Quick and easy! The results are so bright and vivid. Distress Ink is also very easy to wipe off of the stencil, so clean up was a breeze. After I was done ink blending, I simply removed my ATC and moved on to my next technique!

Four Ways to Stencil Using 7Gypsies Architexture Bases

For my second technique, I prepped my ATC the same way I did for my first one- by placing it behind the base. Then, I used my COLOR BURSTS IN BRUTUS MONROE colors and sprinkled on a little bit of pigment. Color Bursts do not require much of the pigment at all, so just a little will do. Then, instead of using regular water, I used some PEARL GLIMMER MIST and spritzed it over the Color Bursts. The results are so colorful and the added shimmer from the Glimmer Mist just adds to the beauty! The Color Bursts do require a bit more clean up than the inks, though, so keep that in mind.

Four Ways to Stencil Using 7Gypsies Architexture Bases

My next technique was using my base along with some TCW MODELING PASTE. This jar of paste is their Pearl White color and I just love it! It gives a shimmery white background that you can then color with paints or mists, or leave as is. I again placed my ATC behind my base, and then used a plastic knife to smooth the paste over my stencil. If you remove your cardstock quickly enough, you will be able to wipe away any remaining paste from your base before it dries so you can use it again.

Four Ways to Stencil Using 7Gypsies Architexture Bases

Four Ways to Stencil Using 7Gypsies Architexture Bases

Last (but definitely not least), I decided to try to foil my ATC using some DECO FOIL TRANSFER GEL. This gel is really quite fun to play with! You can apply it over stencils or even onto stamps, let it dry, and then run it through your foiling machine. My laminator just happened to break just as I was working on these ATCs, so instead I grabbed my iron and tried that. I do not recommend and iron for foiling! It partially worked for me, but without having the proper heat and pressure settings, getting a good foiled impression is difficult. I decided to show you the results, though, just in case you’d still like to try it on your own. Im sure with the right machine you will have stunning results!

I hope you enjoyed these little ATCs as much as I did! These four mediums are only the tip of the iceburg when working with ARCHITEXTURES. Why not try your own experiments and see what else they might work with?

– Marie Nichole –



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  1. March 5, 2018 @ 7:00 am Carolyn Hasenfratz

    I know the foil results were not exactly what you were expecting but I really love the effect. I love the distressed look and with the bold simple shapes it really works. Great effect and I want to try it!


  2. March 5, 2018 @ 10:43 am Julia Cotrim

    Marie I loved your techniques! TFS!


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