Glammin’, Glazin’ and Mistin’ foil

Woweeeeee what a bumper month of metal inspiration on this blog.  Im overawed by the gazillions of techniques I can learn from one blog alone.  This makes me very happy – it’s like a one stop shop; a department store of colour!

To add to the metal theme this month, I turned my hand to foils.  The central foiled piece of this canvas has been embossed through a cuttlebug and intensively inked.  I mean, once you get spraying and painting….. you just can’t stop. If anything gets me excited, its piling colour and texture on top of each other until their is no more surface to cover.

Gah, darned glossy accents – still not dry after TWO days.  Quote inside this metal charm (below) reads “treasured like gold dust” which I found from a line in an old book!

The foil flowers held Glimmer Glaze quite well and offers a watery, translucent effect which I was genuinely happy about.  I mean, this was an experiment for me too…. I had no idea how they would turn out.  What can I say, Im an Aquarian – we like to dabble!

The main colours I used on this project are orange, green and blue which does create a rust effect.  This colour combination reminds me of dockyard ships and boats, tethered to their watery moorings with their hulls all peely-painty and rusty.  It truly is one of my favorite textures to see in the raw although my project is not truly well replicated here.  However, I did have a great deal of pleasure trying to create something similar to those hulks of metal in a harbour.

This project is about “believing in yourself”.  Its something we often find hard to do because the bad stuff, we hear, is easier to believe.  When you spend your life performing as a mother, a housekeeper and an artist, I think its hard to fine tune what makes you, YOU!

So, because I’ve recently reached a turning point in my life (namely reaching the age of 40), I addressed some priorities in my life and have come to rely on a wonderful quote which some of you will be familiar with. “Those that mind don’t matter .  Those that matter don’t mind”.  So I must come to believe in myself.  Its a bittersweet lament I chant in my head and one I don’t mind sharing though my art.


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'Glammin’, Glazin’ and Mistin’ foil' have 8 comments

  1. February 19, 2011 @ 2:16 pm Nathalie

    this is beautiful- love all the different metal pieces- gorgeoous !!!


  2. February 19, 2011 @ 3:16 pm Martha Richardson

    Love this project…all the different metals…and the quote…SPOT ON!


  3. February 20, 2011 @ 6:18 am JJ

    Gorgeous girlie!! plus, I’ve always love that quote from Dr Seuss


  4. February 20, 2011 @ 8:25 am NICOLE MARTEL



  5. February 21, 2011 @ 11:46 am Anna

    I love your project – so artistic! Great different types of metal here – wow!


  6. February 21, 2011 @ 5:10 pm Petrin Diaz

    Contagious…to continue trying and trying…until i drop! all this is new for me as a scrapper…Congrats!


  7. February 24, 2011 @ 3:56 am Birgit Koopsen

    Gorgeous! Love all the little details!


  8. February 24, 2011 @ 1:35 pm Holly Simoni

    Oh this is gorgeous! Lots to look at, love all the details!


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