Good for the Creative Soul Challenge – Chocholate

We love to do exchanges, support our team and do fun things that keep us creating.  In 2018  we want to push our dear Creative Crew into new creative adventures. We want them to push their limits, try new things and evolve their creativity. We decided to create a serie of out of the box challenges that we call “Good for the Creative Soul”.  We have figured out 1 special challenge each month.

In May we challenged the Crew with the word Chocholate. And their project needed to have Chocolate IN/ON your their project somehow and it was ok to eat it too!

They could use any technique/material they wanted but it must be 75% CCB products.

Today we share the beautiful work from a few of our Creative Crew Members.


Marie-Ange Chenet


For this project, I wanted to make a notebook of recipes dedicated to chocolate. I focused on the Van Houten cocoa that I often use in my pastries. I used Canvas Corp.’s Beans & Bags on Kraft collection of cup and pot of milk. I colorized them with glimmermist Navy Blue, True Turquoise and Inchworm. I staged a breakfast with cocoa that falls in the cup. I enclosed this one in a plastic bag to give him that impression. I also stained my background paper with Soil baseboard ink. I did the same for my interior papers that I also crumpled to give them the impression of aged papers. I just have to fill it with delicious recipes.


Viktoriya Porechnaya



When I think about chocolate, I tghink about a coffee too! So I made a tray for cup of coffee with chocolate and two small boxes for sweets. The tray created from wooden frame that colored with Color Wash Paint Tattered Angels French Roast and handles -with Color Wash Paint Faux Finish Old Bronze for great vintage effect. Vintage chocolate theme image I used for decoupage inside part of frame. For small sweet boxes I found paper from Architextures 7gypsies.


Lynne Joncas



There’s a wonderful chocolate shoppe in my little town, and I decided to choose something from there to showcase in my project; I thought this chocolate sparrow was so pretty, so I altered a birdhouse to give him a sweet home. In addition to the sparrow, the scalloped border, the butterflies on the roof, and the leaves are all chocolate, and the meringue mushrooms I added onto the moss are put together with…you guessed it-chocolate!! I used 7 Gypsies papers for the birdhouse and diecut flowers, TA High Impact paints for the edges and the fence, and TA Glimmer mists on the Canvas Corp burlap roof.


Beth Byrd



I created this Chocolate Congratulations Card for my niece who graduated from college and who loves chocolate. I used an ivory card as the base and layered that with a panel of the Canvas Corp Handmade Paper (embossed large floral ivory). The panel was “painted” with a mix of the Tattered Angels Color Wash Paint – Vanilla Milkshake (how appropriate!!!) and Hershey’s Cocoa powder. When the paint dried it didn’t flake or rub off the paper at all! I then adhered a piece of Aga Baraniak Compose Your Life Paper to the card. I stapled a strip of Light Pink Burlap Fringe to the side of the card to add a bit of color. I then punched out several flowers from both the painted and unpainted embossed paper and attached those to the card. For the final step, I printed out “Congratulations” in black ink and adhered that across the top.


Tatiana Klimshina



For the chocolate challenge I made this two cute chocolate gift boxes. I love theme Alice in Wonderland, so I decided to use this theme in this project. I made them with name Eat me and on the bottom I named them as Dark and Milk, so you will always knew what kind of a chocolate bar is inside. Hope you will enjoy this challenge as I do.


Cathy Frailey



I came up with a whimsical decor piece using CCB products and cocoa – her hair, the chocolates, the edges of the paper – cocoa makes a great paint and embellishment!


Lynda Lindley



The way to a girls heart is with flowers and chocolate, so I thought for this challenge I would combine the two. I decided to use the wrappers from chocolate kisses to make a rose. So I set out to first remove and eat the candy from the wrappers without tearing the wrappers apart; trying to keep them as perfect as possible. I flattened all the wrappers with my fingers to get many of the creases out. I formed the center of the flower by cutting out five separate flower shapes from each wrapper, rolling them around a wooden skewer to create the tight middle. I then cut individual petals for the outside of the flower, increasing the size just a tiny bit with each petal. Each were glued onto the flower base with liquid glue. Once I had the desired look I sprayed the entire rose with Cadillac pink glimmer mist. I then wrapped a small piece of floral wire with more of the wrapper and cut out leaves from wrapper. The stem and leaves were sprayed with Dark Vintage Green glimmer mist. I then cut out a heart shape from a scrap piece of cardstock and sprayed it with the stame Cadillac pink glimmer mist. I added it to the front of the small paper bag. I then added the rose. I filled the bag with candy kisses. What a delicious and fun project!!





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  1. May 21, 2018 @ 7:21 am Shannon

    Chocolate overload and I love each and everyone of these projects!! An amazing team❤️


  2. May 21, 2018 @ 5:08 pm Julia Cotrim

    Very well done Ladies! 🙂


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