Gypsy Travels to Lviv, Ukraine

Our Creative Crew members are spread all over the world, which makes not only for a variety of art but also for a variety of cultures and awesome places to visit. Today, we are with Viktoriya Porechnaya on her gypsy travels to Lviv, the largest city in western Ukraine and the seventh largest city in the country overall.

Lviv was founded in the 13th century by Prince Daniel of Galicia (Danylo Galytsky) naming it after his son, Lev (it means lion).

So Lviv is the Lion city and lion is the symbol of it. You can see lions everywhere around the city – on walls, on balcones etc.

The city was a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (called Lemberg), and later on – the Soviet Empire. Lviv is the centre of Polish, German, Jewish, and Ukrainian cultures. Lviv’s historic centre can be called an ‘outdoor museum’. The heart of the city, the Rynok Square, amazes with colorful houses, which look as if they were taken straight from the pages of fairytales.

Every place has something magical about it. His cellars and attics are fantastic!

You can find map drawings on old ruins, poetry on the walls, places for kisses and there is even a statue which will allow you to try wearing a crown… so many different things in one place!

Lviv is the city of coffee, sweets and chocolate. Every cafee and shop has their own recipes and “raisins”.

And, of course, Lviv has some flea markets. One of them is located near the Opera Theatre. It’s not very big, but you can find many interesting things there – authentic Ukrainian clothes, vintage items from last century. I couldn’t stop myself and ended up getting some treasures from the market too.

The city also gained a great reputation for its inventions and innovations: it were Lviv’s pharmacists who invented kerosene, and a local blacksmith who designed the first gas lamp.

The trip to Lviv always feels like an amazing journey through time and space.
With each visit, you will find new surprises in this city, fascinating and impressing you with its inimitable appearance and feel over and over again.

Welcome to Lviv!


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