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Hearts or No Hearts – Valentine’s Day gift set

Hello, it’s Kimberly here to share a quick fun Valentine’s Day gift set.
So… should I use hearts or not… that is the question!
Well, I quite like my projects both ways to be honest… so I made some gift bags with and some without hearts.

The other day, I made arrows which I wanted to add them to a Valentine’s wreath. Well… I was sitting here thinking… Wouldn’t it be cool to add them to a bag for a Valentine’s gift? So I pulled out some canvas I bought by the yard and started making these cute bags; then I added the cute arrows made few days ago… and my gift sets were made!

I’m go glad I decided to make them because they are adorable and so fun!!!

Products Kimberly used:
Canvas Corp Canvas by the Yard
Canvas Corp Burlap Red
Canvas Corp Burlap Natural
Canvas Corp Sisal Rope
Tattered Angels High Impact paint – Light Gold
fabric glue., hot glue gun
scissors, paint brush


let’s start by making arrows…

take some sticks For the arrows I used bamboo skewers but you can use any other wooden or plastic sticks. Add a dollop of hot glue to one end of the stick then wrap the rope around until you cover the whole stick. It’s a good idea to add some glue here and there as you’re wrapping up the rope to keep it in place; make sure you also secure it at the other end to stop from unwrapping.

Cut small triangles out of plain canvas and, using hot glue, attach to one end of the skewer creating an arrow head.

On the other end of your arrow, tie short jute strings and fluff them up to create fletching.
You could also cut your fletching out of canvas and attach using hot glue.
You can use High Impact Gold paint to add colour.


Gift bag

Tear or cut a strip of canvas approx. 6×24 inches. I like tearing my canvas as it gives it ore rustic and distressed look.
Fold over the strip and glue both sides using fabric glue adding the jute rope to the inside and the glueing them in – this will create a small bag. How easy is this!!!

Attach the arrows using strips of canvas and hot glue.

Cut out some hearts from red and natural burlap to embellish the bags.


Make a themed card using papers from the Canvas Corp Amore collection – they are perfect for the occasion!

You can always fill your gift bags with candy or any other small goodies that will put a smile of the face of your significant other.

Happy crafting!

– Kimberly –


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  1. February 5, 2018 @ 12:13 pm Julia Cotrim

    Hi Kimberly, your Valentine’s Day gift sets are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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