Hello Summer DIY Sign and Décor

We are so ready for summer, new colors to play with, new decor to create, getting outside and enjoying a little sunshine.  Crew member, Alison Osborn shares some great ideas for summer décor that will get the ideas flowing and the creativity happening.  We focus our decorating efforts so often on major holidays, birthdays and other special events, why not decorate for the seasons and Alison shows us just how to do it for SUMMER.  Alison also shows us how to repurpose a few household items into Summer décor, so gather up some toilet paper rolls, round up a pallet from a local store(ask first as they might use them), Popsicle sticks and mason jars.  


Every year we look forward to summer. Who wouldn’t, the days are longer, the skies are blue, and somehow there’s a carefree mood in the air. So why not welcome the season with a little décor? Today I’d like to share with you this fun Hello Summer DIY Sign.

Supplies Used:

Canvas Corp:

Tattered Angels:

Other Items: Wooden Pallet; Toilet paper rolls; Mason Jar; Popsicle Sticks

Tools Used: Scissors, X-Acto knife, hot glue gun, and sandpaper

Hello Summer DIY Sign

To start, you will need a wooden pallet or some sort of wooden surface you’d like to paint. The pallet I used is about 3ft wide with 4 slats. If you cannot find a wooden pallet in your local area, why not make one yourself.  Here is a great post we found on Instructables – How to make a wooden pallet.  I painted 2 coats onto each wooden slat in different colors. The paints do not require sanding or priming, just wipe down the pallet of any excess dirt and you are ready to paint. If you use water to clean the pallet, let it dry completely before painting.  After the paint is dry, I distressed the wood with sandpaper. Test a corner to see how much paint will come off with the type of sandpaper you’re using.  There are different grades of sandpaper, you might want to choose one that does not take a lot of paint off in one rub if you are looking for a light distressed look.


I then sketched out the lettering with a pencil–that way it’s easy to erase if you need to start over. Once the lettering is in place, I slowly hot glued the waxed cotton roping onto the pallet.  If you don’t have hot glue, try a wet glue like Beacon’s 3 in 1 glue, you will want to lay the pallet flat to do this to ensure the glue stays where you put it.   I would glue a few letters on and then with an X-Acto knife cut off the excess glue around the roping and continue. Another option is to paint on the lettering in white or another color that goes with your theme. I’ve done that on many projects and it gives the same great effect. Once finished, I decorated the corner with a cute banner cut from canvas and attached with clothespins. The roping I attached to the back of the pallet with tacks.

Toilet Paper Roll Popsicle Banner


For the Popsicle banner I used toilet paper rolls. There are a ton of uses for these guys. I cut an assortment of papers and glued them onto the rolls. I then glued on popsicle sticks to the inside of the rolls and hung them from the cotton roping with mini clothespins.

This is a great project for the classroom, summer project for kids at home or even for brownie or girl scout troops looking for crafty ideas.  You can use left over goodies and mix and match them to create a great banner.  If you are doing it for the classroom, each of the kids can write their name on the popsicle stick.  You can also use them for handmade gifts for moms or grandmas and include a little note rolled up inside your “popsicle” – such a simple craft with so many ways ideas.

Painted Mason Jars


Finally for the Mason jar, I painted on 2 coats. Once dry, I distressed with sandpaper.  Slip in a few daisies or simple summer flowers, if you don’t have any to cut naturally, Sam’s Wholesale has bunches you can buy and fill your mason jars.

Mason jars are just not going to go out of style and we are so excited about that.  They can be painted, distressed, wrapped, tied, just about anything to match your decor and they are perfect for this summer set up.  Tattered Angels paints are terrific for painting just about any surface including glass.  Choose from any of the High Impact Paints or Decor & DIY Paints to find just the right color mix.  You can also blend colors together to make your own colors.


Altogether these make the perfect Hello Summer décor to welcome the season! Happy Crafting!

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