Homemade Gift Wrap Ideas for Jar Gifts for the Holidays

Do you love making and giving gifts in a jar?  Ball Jar, Mason Jar, Vintage Jar or something you are recycling…no matter what jar you choose it is all about what is inside!!!!  Simple candies or salty snacks or everything you need to make the best cookies every.  Today we thought it would be fun to share some fun ideas for wrapping up you holiday jar gifts this season.

Wrap your jars with festive cardstock papers like this Black & Red Diamonds on Kraft by Canvas Corp and finish with a tie of rustic burlap. 


The top of the jar is finished with a round from the Canvas Corp Snowflakes on Kraft Reverse and finished with a saying from the Farmhouse Christmas Better Not Pout Tags on Kraft  This paper features 16 fun and different stagings making it perfect for your Christmas list.


These simple tags were created with Canvas Corp Holiday Baking papers and Canvas Corp Chalkstock Tags, we love the combo and you can write the instructions for preparing what is in your jar right onto the tag like this miniature recipe card.


Choose one style jar or collection an eclectic assortment and make each one a bit different.  


Here is a great little teacher or coach gift, fill a jar with sweet or salty goodies, fussy cut icons from the Holiday Baking Collection and clip them to a piece of ripped Red Canvas, making the perfect little jar banner.  Top your Ball Jar lid with a round from the Holiday Baking Butcher Paper.  

If you goodies require any heating or instructions you can use one of the tags to add a few details and to add your to: and from:  This is a great gift that the kids can help to make and present to their teachers. IMG_3009

Another fun way to decorate you jar of goodies is to punch hearts, stars or holiday icons with your favorite punch, make holes at the top and weave jute, ribbon or ripped fabric to create your paper chain.  You can make them as big or small as you need and simply tie into place.  


If you gift is in a tall jar or bottle, why not make a little fabric wrap that slips right over the neck of the bottle.  Simply cut or rip your fabric to fit around the diameter of the container and add 2-3 inches on each end.  Cut a slit in one side and slip the other end through and tie with a fun handmade tag.  


Oh what to fill your jars with this season.  We love layers of ingredients that turn into amazing brownies, cookies and other yummy baked goodies,
IMG_3023but you can also fill them with simple items such as pretzels, crackers, store bought cookies or candies.  Or put your chef’s hat on and follow your favorite recipe for canned pickles that can be sweet or savory.  Another idea is to make your own infused oils.  There are so many great recipes out there.  Don’t forget to let your recipient know how to care for the oil and to consider adding a recipe to use your special treat.



To go along with your jar decor you can create simple matching cards and mini journals that you can jot a little note, add a recipe or instructions on how to create the goodies.  


Another idea is to gift wrap your jars and bottle and Tonya shows us a great idea using Canvas Corp Saggy Baggies.  Available in a wide range of colors, these bags come in 3 sizes – cup, pint and quart, perfect for your favorite size mason jars. They are called saggy baggies because we love to sag them into place and tie them with our favorite ribbon, cord or jute.  Tonya added some great burlap flowers, a touch of lace and a tag from the Better Not Pout Paper by Canvas Corp.  


No matter how you choose to dress up your jars this holiday season, we hope you have fun filling them with your favorite goodies and presenting them to someone special.

Happy Creating and Wrapping this holiday season!!!


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  1. December 10, 2015 @ 12:11 pm Barb Housner

    sometimes the gift wrapping is more fun than the gift, great ideas, thanks for sharing


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