It Is All About The 12×12 Kraft Envelope – A Crew Challenge

Yes it is all about the kraft, envelope that is!!!  Well we do love everything kraft, envelopes, paper, cards, tags, bags, bookmarks, did we say envelopes.  Ok well you get it, we are nuts about kraft and we thought it would be fun to challenge our entire Creative Crew to show us what they would create with a 12×12 Kraft Envelope.  Many people may not even know there is such a thing.  There are always the standard envelop sizes, but a 12″x12″ kraft envelope is big enough to mail a scrapbooking layout, perfect for folding into a mini book or binging them together to make an amazing monthly calendar with a pocket to hold the bills, letters, birthday cards and more.  When we had the idea for this challenge we wanted it to be the skies the limit and I would say we got our wish…There were so many ideas sent in, we are featuring a few and we put a video together to show them all to you.

12x12 kraft envelope

Photo taken by Marie Nicole

Along with this great 12″x12″ Kraft Envelope, Canvas Corp also offers bulk A7, A2, #10 envelopes, value cards and envelopes, top quality 80# kraft cards and envelopes, paper bags, 12″x12″ kraft paper, tags, paint and more.

Here are a few cool things about Kraft Paper:

  1. It is made in the USA (ours is anyway)
  2. It is made almost 100% of recycled paper
  3. The color is different every time we get a new shipment, because the color is a reflection of the recycled items
  4. The paper weight varies slightly due to again the materials used to make the batch
  5. We have the paper in 2 weights 65# (light weight) and 80# heavy weight
  6. Kraft paper is the go to packaging and wrapping paper for many other industries
  7. The founders of Canvas Corp were the first to bring Kraft paper to the craft industry
  8. Kraft paper is a great neutral paper for just about any craft project
  9. Kraft paper does not seem to go out of style
  10. Kraft paper is a cool way to wrap gifts – simple and elegant

Check out this amazing video with so many ideas of how you can use a simple 12×12 kraft envelope.



This video show all the fantastic envelope creations from our Creative Crew:

We also want to showcase a few of the project here inte the blog. Enjoy!

Gemma Hynes

mixed media with bird

Canvas Corp Papers are very cool when the art is cut into pieces and brought back together to make an amazing art creation.  Color the art in or simply add color and the look is stunning.


natassa Blasaki

vintage organizer

The kraft envelope may have been the muse for this project, but it took on a life of its own to create a clever way to get organized and look vintage chic at the same time.


sanna lippert

ideas to store love letters

What could be inside this adorable envelope?  Love Letters of course.  If you have a stash saved up, create a beautiful envelope to keep them safe forever.


sarah routhledge

kraft ideas with paper and canvas

When you start with 12×12 you can fold and fold to create an adorable book base that has flaps, pockets and wonderful places to add your creative art.


cathy frailey

3d art ideas with paper

A flat envelope turns into a 3d work of art when folded, folded and folded.


juli ondrush

kraft art journal

The flap of the envelope becomes the closure for a mini book that just fits together perfectly.



yulia popkova

Love Art

The nice weight of the kraft envelope makes it perfect for adding color, paint and texture medium.  Unlike thin paper that might crumble at the challenge, the kraft paper loves it all.



viktoriya porechnaya

cow sticker

Turn your envelope into a gift by filling it and wrapping it with lace, ribbon and love.



elisabeth robinson

born to garden

Combine the kraft paper with basic canvas corp papers to create a layered work of art.  Distressing with white paint, ink or markers adds a great touch.



betz golden

simple ways to store monthly photos

These oversizes envelopes are terrific for making a monthly calendar page that you can store memories, upcoming events, add photos and more.  Capture a month in time and then bind them together to make the most unique planner or calendar.



veronica galenko

Grab all your favorite kraft and natural items and bind them together to make an adorable book.  cutting and folding the envelope into different shapes and pages sizes really gives this awesome book personality.



monica monge-taylor

how to make your own travel journal



Travel away and fill your custom made travel journal with so many great memories.  Add layers of travel paper to make the pages of your book just perfect.

We have enjoyed seeing all the amazing ideas our Crew has come up with for a single item like a 12×12 craft envelope.  We hope you are inspired and have ideas of your own.

If you don’t know about the amazing Canvas Corp Brands Creative Crew, we have to tell you what it is all about.  125 amazing designers that represent over 25 countries, represent a wide range of design styles and love to be creative.  We have created friendships around the world that will last a lifetime.  We open the door to new Crew members every October, so keep an eye out if you would like to be part of this amazing Crew.




Canvas Corp Brands is the home of Tattered Angels, 7Gypsies and Canvas Corp (Canvas Home Basics). We are a manufacturer of surfaces, paint and vintage reproductions coming to you from Springdale, Arkansas.

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  1. May 4, 2018 @ 2:02 am Marie Johansson

    Such a amazing job from the team! Great inspiration!


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    I can’t believe how different all the teams projects are all from the same size envelope. Amazing artwork everyone #feelinginspired


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    Such wonderful projects! Really thinking outside of the box – or envelope!


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    fabulous projects!!!!


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    I am amazed to see so many beautiful things 🙂 bravo to all


  6. May 5, 2018 @ 1:53 am Anne R

    Who would have thought you could do so many amazing things with a kraft envelope!!


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    Nice job ladies! I love to be part of this amazing crew! 🙂


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    These are fabulous! Any chance of tutorials?


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    Who would have thought you could do so many amazing things with a kraft envelope!!


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