A Little Spring Inspired House

Spring Mini-Architectures with Tattered Angels

Spring is officially here, which  means that we can start playing with our gardens, making them pretty and waiting for the flowers to start blooming and surrounding us with the long awaited colour. It’s also time when we are more in the mood for the (in)famous ‘spring cleaning’ and decorating.
Here at Canvas Corp Brands, we tend to think slightly differently about the world… so we thought… instead of redecorating our houses why not build mini-houses, decorate them and then… use them as 
decoration? Hmmmm… Why not?!

Tattered Angels mists and paints offer a colour range to use in any creative idea you have. Obviously, you can use them for painting but have you ever considered mixing them with texture or modelling paste? Chris Pozzi did that to achieve a textured, red brick effect on the roof of her fairy gazebo… take a look.

mini-architectures tattered angels Altered wooden fairy gazebo

“Lately, I have been so inspired by fairies and “fresh” florals! While shopping at my local craft store, I found this wood gazebo and I knew straight away that it needed a fairy!” – says Christine.

Altered wooden fairy gazebo detail

Materials used:
Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist – Graphite
Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist – Sugar Maple
Tattered Angels High Impact Paint – White
Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist – Black Cherry
Tattered Angels Baseboard mist paint – Fire
Light Modeling Paste (Liquitex)
The Crafter’s Workshop – Brick Stencil
Sin City Stamps Art Journal 2 Stamp Set
Archival Ink – Fern
Marvey Gold Paint Marker
Spanish Moss
Fairy (Midwest Designs)
Gazebo Birdhouse (JoAnn’s)

In the video, Christine shows us steps by step how to make the gazebo.

Isn’t it a lovely little project? You could easily turn it into a family fun, letting each of the family members make their own little gazebo and then place them all in the garden turning it into a fairy village.

For more project ideas from Christine, visit her blog and  Instagram.


Claudia Neubacher shares a more minimalistic but very bright project which she called ‘A little spring-inspired house’.


mini-architectures tattered angels A Little Spring Inspired House

“Spring is in the air – with white clouds quickly passing by in front of blue skies and the first dots of colour emanating from the ground! One of my most wonderful travels I ever made around that time of year was a trip to and around the whole of Ireland. I rented a car back then, just drove to the places I wanted to and stayed at the most lovely bed and breakfast inns for as long as I wanted to. I had one of the best times there ever. 
When creating my little springtime inspired house I tried to capture all of this: the clouds and the blue skies and the B&B signs that always promised cosy beds, tea and biscuits and a fantastic breakfast after a good night’s sleep so I was ready for new discoveries on my journey.” – says Claudia Neubacher.

A Little Spring Inspired House productsMaterials used;
7 Gypsies – Ordre du Jour 8×8 Paper Pad
Tattered Angels – Glimmer Mist – Gold
Tattered Angels – Glimmer Mist – Marmalade
Tattered Angels – Glimmer Mist – Dijon
Tattered Angels – Chalkboard Mist Paint- Splash
Tattered Angels – Chalboard Mist Paint – Teal High Heel
Tattered Angels – HIgh Impact Paint – Ivory
Canvas Corp – 12×12 Burlap Sheet – Teal
DecoArt media white Modelling Paste

Hearts stencil
Stabilo All – black aquarellable pencil
uni-ball white gel pen
Circle punch
Tools used:
Sizzix die “Tiny Houses”
Sizzix Big Shot
Heat tool
Hot glue gun
Palette knife
Soft brush
Glue stick

Claudia walks you through her creative process:

Step 1 – Die cut the parts for the house from heavy card. Then spray a thorough coat of Teal High Heel Chalkboard Mist onto the house parts. Heat dry.

A Little Spring Inspired House 1Step 2 – Using white Modeling Paste stencil some texture pattern onto the roof. Let air dry because the modeling paste tends to puff when being exposed to too much heat.

A Little Spring Inspired House 2Step 3 – Scrape some Ivory High Impact Paint onto the house parts with a palette knife. Heat dry.

A Little Spring Inspired House 3Step 4 – Sprinkle on some Mustard Seed and Marmalade Glimmer Mist. To do so, unscrew the bottles and use the nozzles’ tubes for sprinkling.

A Little Spring Inspired House 4Step 5 – Spray the roof with the stencil pattern with Marmalade Glimmer Mist. Let dry.

A Little Spring Inspired House 5Step 6 – Then sprinkle on some Gold Glimmer Mist to add a bit of “Spring Bling”.

A Little Spring Inspired House 6Step 7 – To create a cute little window punch a circle opening into the front side of the house. Ink all the houses’ edges with dark brown archival stamping ink. Use a hot glue gun to assemble the house parts.

A Little Spring Inspired House 7Step 8 – Use a bit of teal burlap to form the door and glue it in place.

A Little Spring Inspired House 8Step 9 – To finish off your little house outline the door and window with a black aquarellable pencil and a white gel pen. Glue the B&B sign into place (I cut it off one of the Ordre Du Jour designer paper sheets).

A Little Spring Inspired House 9Step 10 – Here’s a close up of the roof to show the sparkle from the Gold Glimmer Mist.

A Little Spring Inspired House 10


Build a few more of those houses; make them bigger or smaller; use a variety of colours – what a whimsical little town would they make!
If you’d like to see more inspiration from Claudia, visit her blog and Instagram.


As you can see, Tattered Angels paints are extremely versatile and even the mists look good on wood and mixed with texture paste. Don’t waste any more time! Grab some wooden and cardboard elements and get on building little fairy villages! And if you want some quality family time… We’re sure that the kids will love making their own ‘secret gardens’ to play in later on with their friends. 

Happy crafting!!!


Canvas Corp Brands is the home of Tattered Angels, 7Gypsies and Canvas Corp (Canvas Home Basics). We are a manufacturer of surfaces, paint and vintage reproductions coming to you from Springdale, Arkansas.

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  1. March 23, 2017 @ 12:00 pm Joi@RR

    What a BEAUTIFUL gazebo Christine. And Claudia – your little B&B is PRECIOUSLY DELIGHTFUL. j.


  2. March 26, 2017 @ 8:44 am nan

    Love houses and gazebos and these are perfect! Chris thanks for the fab use of Sin City Stamps, too 🙂 Really awesome ladies! xx


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