Mixed Media Love Mini Book Tutorial

We get this question a lot – “what do I do with the art I have colored in my adult coloring books?”  We love the question and we have so many ideas to share.  Crew Member, Kyriakos, turns the art into a notebook and the results are stunning.  When you color the art yourself, your way, your creation is so personal and so you.  You do not have to rely on the color palette being chosen or work with colors you don’t love.  You can choose the look and feel and then color or work with something you have already colored and find papers, embellishments and elements that accent your coloring.  Use the colored pages as they are or cut them up and use them throughout your creation.  If a mini book is not your thing, create a journal, agenda, notebook cover, piece of art, layout or a series of cards.  There are simply no rules.  

Kyriakos began with the Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origins Papers – they are adult coloring paper at it’s best.  Beautiful black and white images printed on the most amazing paper that is ready for you to color with water colors, markers, Color Burst, Glimmer Mist, ink and so much more.  The weight of the paper and the fiber content will allow you to load it up and it can sure take all the water, color and texture you can give it.  The papers look great with a monotone color palette where you choose one color and use many different hues and levels or you can create a full color masterpiece.  They also look terrific with paired with black and white papers.  
I went for a distressed look for this project.  Beyond just coloring the new Mixed Media Origins papers, I am showing you how to create something a bit more challenging…. a mini book that brings out the amazing colored art and leaves you with a finished notebook, journal or mini book you can fill with photos, words or ephemera.
Materials Used:
Canvas Corp Paper –White 80# cardstock
Canvas Corp Paper – Black & White Life Newsprint
Canvas Corp Paper – Black & White Live Love Laugh
Canvas Corp Paper – Thickstock – Black 
Canvas Corp – Cord Rope Natural Hank 45′
Tattered Angels Paper – Mixed Media Origins – Flight 
Tattered Angels – Simply Sheer – Spicy Mustard
Tattered Angels – Simply Sheer – Bold Red
Tattered Angels – Baseboard Mist – Clay
Tattered Angels – Baseboard Mist – Gerber
Modeling paste
Black ink pad
Tools Used: PVA glue; Craft knife; cutting mat, scissors, paint brush, ruler, paper cutter, putty knife, small hole punch
The heart on the Mixed Media Origins Flight paper is perfect for the book cover and to use to bind the book together.  The thickness of the paper makes it a perfect choice for the outside of a book and to secure the binding.  The red colors used contrast with the black and white paper, catching the eye on the left side.
Step 1 – Start by creating the inside of the notebook by cutting white cardstock or other blank paper you might have into smaller pages, I used A4 pages in 13.5cm x 10.5cm (about 5.5in x 4in) and stack about 50 pieces. You can create a book by gluing one side of the papers together with pva glue on the short left side.  This will allow you to tear pages out if you wish.
You can use a book press or hold them together with metallic binders. love_notebook_2
Step 2 – Cut two pieces of book board into 16cm x 12.5cm (about 6.5in x 5in) and cut the black Thickstock paper (140# weight cardstock – great thickness for adding to your project) into a little bit larger pieces.
Glue the black paper on the book board pieces that will be used as the book covers. love_notebook_4
Step 3 – Cut the heart shape from the Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origins paper and paint it with the Tattered Angels Gerber and Bold Red paint colors. Just shake the paint and dip in your brush, add yellow details with the Spicy Mustard color to the bird.
Step 4 – Cut a piece of the Canvas Corp Newsprint paper about 1.2cm (0.5in) less than the cover. Separate the heart. Cut the rest of the paper pieces that need to be placed. Glue the Newsprint paper only to the front cover.
Step 5 – Lightly spray some modeling paste with the Clay, Bold Red and the Gerber colors. Note:  Do not mix the colors with it. Using a folded piece of paper, distress on the side, lightly covering the front cover. Repeat with the back cover.
Blend with a putty knife.love_notebook_8
Step 6 – Glue the heart to the left hand side of the front board and the right hand side of the back board so they line up. Glue the rest paper cuttings to create a layered look something like this.  You can add additional embellishments if you wish.
Step 7 – Punch holes where the cords come together to create this laced look.
Step 8 – Pass some loose rope and tie a bow on the top. Allow some space to fit the pages in.
Step 9 – Cut a piece of black paper wider than the inner pages and glue it to the book spine. Then glue the black pages on the inside of the book covers.
Flip your book over and you have a beautiful hand-painted notebook, mini book or journal to keep all of your “love notes” in.  The Origins papers come in a wide range of themes and designs, we are sure you will find one for everyone on your gift list.  What a great gift for the holidays that is so simple to make and so perfect to give!!!!
Check out Kyriakos’ Blog and Instagram account for more projects and ideas!


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