mixed media projects, mixed media wood slice, tattered angels, glimmer mist, glimmer glaze, altered wood

Mixed Media Projects on Wood – Some See a Wish…

Karen Crossen is on the blog today with one of her mixed media projects on wood.

I recently read this quote and I just fell in love! I knew it would be so fun to create a project with Dandelions. I played around with paper and fabric to find the perfect dandelion texture but nothing worked. Then I grabbed the twine and loved how it fanned out and looked like a dandelion. With a little help from my Tattered Angels Glimmer Glaze and Decor and DIY Paint, the twine kept its dandelion shape!

Materials used for the project:
Tattered Angels Glimmer Glaze – Icicle, Aloha Green
Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist – Precious MetalsPartridge in a Pear TreeCork
Tattered Angels Color Wash Paint – French RoastWhite Wash
Tattered Angels Decor and DIY Paint – Ivory
Tattered Angels Chalkboard – Clover
7gypsies Architextures – Parchment Rub-On Build
Canvas Corp Kraft Paper

Wooden Board, Dictionary Paper, Twine, Rusty Bottlecap, Glue, Matte Gel
Scissors, Paint Brush, Spray Bottle with water

Find a wooden board – you can get one cut at your local Big Box hardware store. (If you want one with a cool texture, look through the scraps that builders don’t like! That is where I find the most interesting pieces!) Spray the wood down with a water mister and spritz Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist in Cork and Partridge in a Pear Tree on the wet wood. I like to do this because sometimes the wood boards can really absorb the product and I want my Glimmer Mists to last as long as possible! When the wood is darkened up to where you like the color, spray over the entire board with Glimmer Mist in Precious Metal. This gives the piece a wonderfully extra shimmer! Use the Glimmer Glaze in Aloha Green in the interesting features of the wood. This just gives the background a pop of color and emphasizes the woods texture!

mixed media projects, mixed media wood slice, tattered angels, glimmer mist, glimmer glaze, altered wood

Now comes the really fun part! take some small pieces of twine and drag them through Tattered Angels Color Wash Paint in White Wash. The twine will expand and absorb the paint. This step gives the base white color because my twine was brown. Dry the twine. When it is dry, take your scissors and fan out one end of the twine. Use the Glimmer Glaze in Icicle and its brush to paint onto the twine. Put a little of the Glaze onto the part of twine that you don’t want to untwist too. Use a dryer to dry the Glaze and it will hold the twine into the fan shape. When it is dry, paint the Tattered Angels Decor and DIY paint in ivory on top of the glaze. This is the final touch to brighten up the white color of the dandelion! Lay them out on your board and make as many as you want to fill out your dandelion!

Use your Tattered Angels Baseboard Spray in Clover on dictionary paper. When it is dry cut out the stem and leaves for your flower. Arrange all the pieces together and use a button or a rusty bottlecap to cover the middle of the dandelion. Use matte gel to glue down the paper and a stronger glue to keep the twine and button in place. Take out your 7Gypsies Architextures Rub-ons to add some visual interest into the background. You don’t have to use the whole rub-on, just use bits and pieces all over the board. And then admire your Dandelion!!

mixed media projects, mixed media wood slice, tattered angels, glimmer mist, glimmer glaze, altered wood

This is just a fun project with a super great quote!

I hope you have as much fun playing around with your Tattered Angels products as I did!


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    Wow- those flowers are just amazing!! Love this!


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