“Motorcyle Moments” Mixed Media Origins Layout

We love challenges around here, maybe because they help us to get focused, think outside of the box and then see how others interpreted the same challenge.  Mandy Leever-Koel show us what she came up with for this month’s challenge: Movember. What is Movember?  It is a word used around the world with a few different meanings, but most of them involve men, men’s health, and things that are masculine.  So many crafts are feminine in nature, so this was a nice challenge for everyone.  

This month’s challenge of ‘Movember’ came very natural to me, having been together with an actual ‘greasemonkey’ for over 20 years. I have seen so many cars and motorcycle pass me by and even more being added to the collection. (To my discontent sometimes…) At one point my husband owned 4 cars and 4 motorcycles. All of them ‘Old Stuff’, Mini’s, CitroËns, Yamaha’s and even a WWII Harley Liberator that he finally got, which made his biggest dream come true. He was rebuilding it when our boy Connor was just a baby and one day I just had to take their picture, on the half-built bike, there they were together. Needless to say we’re a few years ahead now and our 3-year old son already has a great love for motorcycles and everything about them. The fact that my husband bought a side-cart just so he didn’t have to wait 10 more years for our boy to go along on motorcycle drives, might have encouraged his love. A little.


Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origins Paper: Hoot

7Gypsies paper Orde du Jour: Seize the Day

7Gypsies paper American Vintage Collection: State Plates

7Gypsies stamps: Distressed Words and Cling Stamp: Time Pieces

7Gypsies Gears: Industrial

7Gypsies Mini Ephemera Maritime: just the Compass

Tattered Angels Glimmermists: SuedeTattered LeatherAged BrickEnglish IvyOlive VineRusty RedBoardwalk – Brass

Canvas Corp Brands Burlap 12 by 12 Green

Other materials:

TCW Stencils 262S and 2025

Brick stencil Prima Marketing

Stencil Travel and steam type words and symbols

Crackle Paste White and One step Crackle Medium translucent

Modeling Paste

Prima Memory Hardware Artisan Powder: Black and Umber

Piece of Light Brown Leather

Black Ink

Starshaped Brads and some other metal embellishments




STEP 1 – Begin by using the backside of the Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origins paper ‘Hoot’. I know, sad owl 😉 But how cool and awesome and mixed media is this side? Definitely not a B-side if you ask me 😉

mixed media origins layout motorcycle
– Place the two different TCW gear themed stencils subsequently onto the paper and simply spray using tattered Angels Glimmer Mists ‘Suede’ and ‘Tattered Leather’. Remove the big stencil and dry with a heat gun, then spray the small stencil and remove and dry as well.

mixed media layout motorcycle

STEP 3 – Using the Prima Marketing Brick Stencil, apply texture crackle paste white blended with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist ‘Aged Brick’ and ‘Tattered Leather’.

mixed media layout motorcycle
This remains some shades lighter than you would want, so after removing the stencil spray some more.  Then allow the crackle paste to dry ON ITS OWN. If you use a heatgun, the paste will NOT crackle.

mixed media layout motorcycle

STEP 4 – Once the crackle paste has dried, use a little more Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist to enhance the cracks.  Using yet another stencil with travel and steampunkish words and symbols, apply modeling paste blended with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists ‘Olive Vine’ and ‘Ivy Green’ until you reach the desired army green color. I think I even blended in some glimmer Mist ‘Suede’ because army green has a hint of brown in it as well. I let the mists drip down over the page too, turning my piece of paper in 90 degree angles. (Horizontal and vertical lines, not crisscross over the page.)

mixed media layout motorcycle
– Time to break out the stamps! I used this 7Gyspies text stamp to stamp around my layout here and there. I used some more Tattered Angels Glimmermist ‘Brass’ to color in some of the sections that were left out by the gear stencils. They were still gray and I didn’t fancy that. I didn’t spray them but used my paintbrush for more control. Later on I colored them a bit more with ‘Suede’ because the ‘Brass’ was a bit too yellow.

STEP 6 – I used one part of the 7Gypsies cling stamp set ‘Time Pieces’ and stamped it onto a piece of lightbrown leather, and fussycut around it.

mixed media layout motorcycle

Deciding it was finally time to test those Prima Marketing ‘Memory Hardware’ powders, I smeared some of the ‘Black’ powder onto my piece of leather to make it look vintage.

STEP 7 – I brushed Memory Hardware ‘Umber’ onto the green lettering on my layout, to give it a bit more of a distressed look. I sprayed a little water on it to have it blend more.

mixed media layout motorcycle

I used this Memory Hardware powder in the shade ‘Black’ onto all the bits and pieces of 7Gypsies paper cutouts which I gave a coat of clear one step crackle medium. The powder made the cracks stand out more, and it gave me more control than ink.

Okay, then the actual building of the page sort of started. I layered my picture onto a piece of greenish piece of Canvas Corp Burlap, from the Mixed Media Paper Pad. Glued that to a piece of cardboard for extra dimension. Added some of the 7 Gyspies Industrial Gears along the edges, along with some other metal embellishments like a tag with a number, and some star shaped brads.

mixed media layout motorcycle
Here you can see the coat of one step clear crackle medium I gave the pull out drawers from the 7Gypsies ‘Ordre du Jour: Seize the Day’ paper and the plates of the 7Gypsies ‘American Vintage Collection: State Plates’ paper.

I ‘built’ my page to my liking and then glued everything down. For a final touch I sprinkled some of my Glimmer Mists over the page, various colors, for more depth and a vintage feel. I unscrew the cap and tap on the tube.



So if you love a good creative challenge, take part in this one or keep updated about new challenges on the Canvas Corp Brands Collective Facebook Group.  Just click the link and ask to join today. Read our Movember post for more information about this challenge.




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  1. November 9, 2016 @ 10:36 am Heather

    this rocks! love it


  2. November 9, 2016 @ 10:45 am jean marmo

    Such wonderful texture and details!!!


  3. November 20, 2016 @ 5:04 pm Super Stick Chick

    Fabulous project!!! Thanks for the step-by-step.


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