New Release: 7gypsies Ordre du jour (Order of the day)

As the creative world gets organized with handmade planners, agendas and journals we thought there was a need for a little vintage gypsy twist.  The gypsies have been making journals and books forever and now they are turning them into agendas, planners and more functional journals.  This new collection was inspired by old fabric, vintage ads, old writing utensils, old fashioned agendas, victorian lace, telegrams, books of the past, words to remember, old documents and goodies found around the desk.


Order du jour ‘Order of the Day’ takes us into the beauty of the past while letting us plan and organize our future. Touches of pretty things should accompany our lists and tasks to remind us of the beauty around us. As we set the order of the day, the plans for the week or the goals for the year we can do so with a gypsy vintage twist. 

We are excited to announce a brand new collection from 7gypsies, Ordre Du Jour.  This collection offers a range of blank journals, agenda and planner themed papers, file folders, day, week and month cards and more.  Each item in the collection was created to make getting organized and planning a bit easier, but all with a fun, vintage twist.  We are just in love with this line and with our penchant for vintage, it is the perfect choice for our planners.

We will first walk you through the papers and share their goodness.  Here are a few things you might not know about 7gypsies paper:  It is printed on both sides, it is printed now on cardstock weight paper, it is printed on paper made with recycled materials, it is printed with soy ink and it is printed in the USA.  We design all of the art in-house.  We use vintage art pieces, images of old things, we design new art that looks old and we transform old art with updated sayings or ideas.  Take a look at some of the detail in the pages and the special inspirational messages you will find throughout in a quirky, vintage kind of way.


Ordre Du Jour: 19567 Pen & Tell Her – The vintage western union telegram art has been transformed into a Goal Sheet that is ready to see a list of your goals….the vintage pen tips adorn the left side of the paper and inspirational sayings can be found all over – ‘enjoy this day’,’it feels good to be awesome’,’be happy, and ‘start today with a grateful heart.’  The last vintage card has been transformed to record your dreams.  The flip side features vintage wall paper in all shapes and sizes that are ready to find themselves as book pages, agenda covers, folders, journal cards, dividers or tabs in your journal.


Ordre Du Jour: 19568 Break the Rules – side one features a vintage set of proof marks that might tell us of the errors, but we should only fix those that must be fixed, break the rules when you can and live outside of your creative box.  Alphabets, books, rulers and a vintage type writer take us back to the days of writing, composition and putting your thoughts on paper.  Side two features old fabrics and papers in tiny pieces that make the perfect dividers, backdrops and accent pieces to your books and agendas.


Ordre Du Jour: 19569 To & Do – our lives are filled with things we have to do, things we need to do, things we want to do and things we dream we could do, this paper is filled with vintage tape pieces filled with the days of the week, months of the year, numbers, arrows, words, sayings, to do: and fun vintage art that can be cut and added to your agenda or used as a background and the special words highlighted.  The back is filled with strips of old books, documents, forms, sheet music, and postcards that are great for taking notes, titles, reminders, tabs, dividers or just for the background.


Ordre Du Jour: 19570 – Go & Be – Are we allowed to say this is our favorite paper in the collection?  Well I guess we just did.  This paper is filled with vintage labels, signs and art that has been transformed one by one into everyday events for your agenda, calendar, planner or journal.  One for each holiday, reminders of fun activities such as flea markets, garage sales and farmer’s market, special days such as the first day of school, anniversary and birthdays and everyday events like remembering to donate to Goodwill, get the oil changed, date night and a visit to the vet.  Each piece matches a piece of vintage art with a special event they are all so awesomely cute.  Like the other papers in the collection basic backgrounds fill the back that can be cut, chopped, stripped, folded, die cut or used as they are in your project.  We wanted to make sure when you chopped up the front that you had lots of tiny goodness on the back that could be used for tabs, dividers and little accent pieces.


Ordre Du Jour: 19571 – Days, Weeks & Months – This all-over paper is filled with vintage goodness and functional too.  The front has the days and months in vintage fonts, with numbers to account for the days of the weeks and months.  Little stamps and vintage line art fill in the blanks making this a perfect background paper or one ready to be cut up to turn your journal into a daily, weekly or monthly event.  The flip side is a beautiful watercolor wallpaper that is overlaid with the 7gypsies Life artwork that is very special and worth the read.


Ordre Du Jour: 19572 – Seize the Day – The final paper in this collection features a set of amazing vintage drawers with fun saying slipped into each label holder – the months of the year and then a wide range of little reminders you can cut up and put into your personal journal, gratitude journal, agenda or planner to remind you to take care of you, to have a great day and to live life.  The back features 4 equally sized 6×6 pieces that are great for journaling, turning into a mini book, using as a book cover or die cutting into your favorite vintage shapes.  

19573 8x8 2-Sided Papers ordre du jour

Ordre Du Jour: 19573 – 8″x8″ Ordre Du Jour Paper Pad – filled with 48 total sheets of reduced scale papers from the Ordre Du Jour collection.  Unlike the 12×12 papers, these are printed on a nice weight text paper that are perfect for decoupage, layering, paper piecing and more.  


Ordre Du Jour – 18075 Journal Ephemera Ordre Du Jour – Three different cards, three different sizes, three of each to make a pack of nine journal ephemera cards.  These 2sided cards have plenty of room to capture your to do’s, your notes, your lists, your thoughts or back a photo or as a reminder.

Ordre Du Jour – 18074 Journal Ephemera Menu Du Jour – our lives revolve around food and what better way to keep it all organized than to jot down your recipes, make a shopping lists, write a menu for the week on these vintage cute cards that come in three sizes, three designs and three each in the pack.

Ordre du jour lace


Ordre Du Jour Laces – 15182 Lace Trimmings Assorted Pack (1 yard) – this pack includes 3 unique laces, 12 inches of each to equal 1 yard.  The smallest lace is approx. 2″, medium size is approx. 4″ and the largest is up to 6″.  Packs will vary based on laces we find during our travels.  15183 Lace Trimmings (1 yard) – this is one continuous piece of larger size lace that ranges from 5.5″ – 6.5″ long.

Gypsy Moments Cards have been so much fun this year.  These 2-sided cards help us journal, think, capture moments, make bucket lists, get organized, capture today, tell on ourselves and help us remember what needs to be remembered.  The collection expands with 3 fun new cards that help us plan the future.  Here are 3 new ones that fit right in with the new collection and work awesome with the all the other cards.

18071 Gypsy Moments Cards Du Day-07

Ordre Du Jour: 18071 Du Day – Ripped from the pages of an old book of forms, this card helps get your ready for the day ahead starting at 6am and ending at 10pm with a line for each hour in-between.  Set your schedule, make a plan, list your to do’s, put down your important notes and then tackle the day.  The flip side of these 2-sided cards features beautiful, vintage watercolor month cards.  Each pack includes 10 of the same cards so you can add one for each day or spread them out for important days.  

18072 Gypsy Moments Cards Du Week

Ordre Du Jour: 18072 Du Week – This rustic little card features the days of the week with boxes to fill in what you want to do and space on the back for notes, ideas and follow up.  The vintage cream and manila look great next to the vintage colors in the collection.  10 cards per pack, letting you break you planner or agenda down by the week.

18073 Gypsy Moments Cards Du Month-07

Ordre Du Jour: 18073 Du Month – The watermarks come from years of planning….these sweet vintage cards help you create a quick monthly plan – vacations, holidays, meetings, games, etc.  The back features a sheet of vintage note book paper.  10 per pack, 12 would make a perfect year, but 10 sure gets you started.



Basic CMYK

Ordre Du Jour: 18068 Frills File Folders – Three pretty little ATC size file folders that come 2 each per pack.  These 2-sided folders have pretty papers on the inside and the outside.  The lace top of each of the folders is die cut to make a fun and frilly little folders

atc du jourOrdre Du Jour: 18069  File Folders – Named after the collection these 3 vintage mini file folders help get us organized in an order of the day kinda way.  3 styles printed on both sided, so you can turn them either way to have 6 unique file folders.  Use them as in in the Mini Crates.  Glue them into place in a journal or make a pocket.

Basic CMYK

Ordre Du Jour: 18067  Journal Junk Pack – One of our favorite new items in the collection, the die cut ephemera pack is printed on two sides and has over 40 different pieces with many having the option to use either side.  The intricately die cut pieces are perfect little additions to journals, layouts, cards, calendars, planners, agendas, etc.  The street signs and flowers were designed to fold over onto tabs you can attach to the pages of your journal or the tabs in a tray or drawer.

Now where to put all these goodies?????  How about these new Starter Journals.  They come in 3 sizes Mini Starter Journal (3.5″x5″), 5″x7″ Starter Journal and the 8.5″x11″ Starter Journal.  The journals come in 2 colors – kraft and ivory.  These simple journals are blank cardstock paper that are ready to be painted, misted, inked, stenciled, stamped, glued, sewn, stamped or

11116 Mini Naked Starter Journal Kraft

cover them up with fabric journal covers that are sized just right.  Available in the larger two sizes, 8.5×11 Journal Cover and 5×7 Journal Covers – they are available in Canvas, Burlap and Dungaree.   We added 7gypsies Lace to this book, which makes a great tie.  We love how great the lace looks with this collection.


Last but not least….the Junque Books – the top one is from the Wanderlust Collection and the bottom one was designed for the Ordre du jour collection:  Junque Book:  Frills.    These books are filled with papers and burlap and already look handmade before you get started.  They are put together and each one sewn in our USA factory.


Here is an inside sneak peek of the Junque Books, they are so fun to work with.


We must stop now as this post has gotten way too long, but we had to tell you all about this collection.  We love how amazing it works with all the 7gypsies collections including Gypsy Moments, American Vintage and Wanderlust.  While each collection stands on its own, we love that they work so great together.

We hope you are inspired to start your own planner with a vintage twist, add some goodies to your current planner, created a fun calendar or just use the vintage art any way you want!!!!

Happy Creating!!!


Canvas Corp Brands is the home of Tattered Angels, 7Gypsies and Canvas Corp (Canvas Home Basics). We are a manufacturer of surfaces, paint and vintage reproductions coming to you from Springdale, Arkansas.

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  1. October 28, 2015 @ 12:18 pm Kyriakos

    Amazing realease! Designs are beautiful and lace addition an excellent choice.


  2. October 28, 2015 @ 1:53 pm Donna

    This is a fabulous release! Love the touch of lace!


  3. October 28, 2015 @ 7:52 pm Trudy Woods

    I just saw these on instagram. I’m in love. your graphics are fantastic.


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