Painted Bunny and Carrots

Today we would like to share with you a wonderful up-cycled painted project from CCB Crew Member Kimberly. This is a great way to reuse old statues in your home or from a thrift store. With just a few coats of paint and simple technique you can transform almost anything into something new to fit your regular home or holiday decor.
This adorable painted bunny would spruce up your Easter party or look perfect in your mud or garden room. Kimberly’s painting techniques turned a plain bunny into a storybook character straight from Beatrix Potter. Just gather some Tattered Angels sprays, paints and a thrifted bunny to begin making your own. Let’s get started.
kims bunny 23
 I love to add depth to all my projects so they pop, joint compound added to projects gives them the pop,they need with Tattered Angels sprays and paints . I feel it brought my lifeless paper macho rabbit to life she looks so adorable and sweet . 
kims bunny supplies
Materials For Painted Bunny
  • Paper mache bunny
  • Joint compound
  • High impact paints-light pink , brown
  • Plain Jane baseboard mist- cardboard
  • Tools Used; paint brush, spatula, plate, scratch tool (barbecue basting brush) or stiff brush from dollar store.

kims bunny 15

 Step 1
Paint the paper mache bunny with gesso, set aside.
kims bunny 16kims bunny 17
Step 2
Take a plate add joint compound , then add brown high impact paint stir up real well. Keep adding until you reach the color your looking for , I add about one cup joint compound to two tablespoons of HI brown paint
 kims bunny 19
Step 3
Now take the tool dipped into the mixture and brush all over the bunny until it is covered all the way , let dry , you may find you need to add a little more in spots. ( I’m thinking you could use a dollar store stiff brush to get the same effect I got with my tool … To get hair effects).
 kims bunny 21
Step 4
After your bunny is completely dry it spray with the TA cardboard mist.
 kims bunny 22kims bunny 13
Step 5
After its dry , you can now scratch areas with the tool to give highlights where needed , and paint the inside ears with the light pink HI then lightly dab some cardboard mist over the pink areas.
kims bunny 12
Materials For The Burlap Carrots


kims bunny 11

Step 1

Cut four long triangle shapes out of the white burlap, paint with orange high impact paint. You can also use orange burlap, then glue them together with fabri tac.

kims bunny 8kims bunny 6Step 2

Next stuff the glued triangle shapes with stuffing.  Push in place using a paint brush or stuffing tool.kims bunny 7

Step 3

Then cut about 2 inch wide by 12 inch long piece of green, cut into strips down about 3/4 of the way. Now roll this and stuff into the top of the carrot. Then wrap jute around them and tie.kims bunny 4kims bunny 2kims bunny 3

Step 4

Take cardboard mist and spray into a cup, dab this all over the carrots using a sponge. Then scrunch the carrots a bit.

 kims bunny 9We hope Kim’s project inspires you to create a bunny of your own using Tattered Angels Paints and Canvas Corp Burlap projects. To see more of Kimberly’s Projects visit her blog

Happy Creating!


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  1. March 23, 2016 @ 10:45 am barb macaskill

    What a sweet project! LOVE this cute bunny and the carrot is so sweet I think I got a cavity looking at it! LOL TFS!


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