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“Villa Villekulla” Mixed Media Birdhouse With Some TCW

Does the name ‘Villa Villekulla’ bring any childhood memories to mind?  Maybe you were a Pippi Longstocking fan, read all the books or read all the books to your kids.  Villa Villekulla is the fictional house where Pippi lived with her horse and monkey, Mr. Nilsson.  A gingerbread style home was created for the tv series…


DIY Filled Easter Egg Cartons and Chicken Wire Frame

Pastel colors like Peeps yellow and pink, chalky aqua, Robins egg, and fresh cream are all the soothing colors that come with the awakening of Spring and the celebration of Easter Day. Not to mention fluffy bunnies and baby chicks which make their appearance to farms, marketplaces and your own backyard. This time of year…


Spring Succulant Pot

Succulents are the hottest trend in gardening these days. Available in a ton of colors, low maintenance and great for decorating. Pink, green, yellow and muted colors are making up this plant palette.  Housing these plants in concrete containers, brass or unconventional bases such as light bulbs and chandelier bases are part of this trend….

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