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Personalise Your Planner dividers with TA paints

Hello everyone, Angélique Jarrier – Boule de scrap here. Today, I have for you two planner dividers that I personalised using Tattered Angels paints and my imagination.

This year, I decided to help myself be more organised by using a planner. I want it to be a mix between a planner, a photo album and a creative notebook.


Cover page

Today, I am going to alter the first page for my planner – the front page.
I decided to simply add the current year, but you can add whatever writing you want in the circle.
We will have fun with our favorite inks and paintings and we’ll also do some drawing.

I used the following paints:
Tattered Angels High Impact paint – BlackIvoryLight Gold
Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist – Icicle BlueGoldWheatWalnut GoldElectric Blue

The first step is to create background with your favorite inks.
I chose Glimmer Mists for a light background, transparency and shine.

As my page background dries, I created templates to use for adding detail to my page – a circle and the current year.
I position them in the centre of the page and I stick with a repositionable tape to be able to remove them once finished.

Paint the inside of the circle with High Impact Black.

Carefully remove the templates before the paint dries completely.
If the paint overflows, it does not matter – you will be able to correct it with drawings and doodlings.

I drew some floral patterns around my circle but if you can opt for the more modern doodles or even mandalas.
It will look great of you leave some of the places empty to let the background through.

To finish, sprinkle some white over the whole page to harmonize and lighten everything.

For more shine and to add a more sophisticated look, I added gold to my drawing with High Impact Gold.


March Divider

This is a quick tutorial to make the cover page of the month of March – it’s almost over so you’ll probably want to make it April or May instead of March.
At each change of month in my planner, I like to make a special layout, a drawing, a photo or an inspiration to make a divider.
My planner being also a creative notebook, I wanted to take the opportunity to make a painting that I hope will inspire you.
I will show you how to use High Impact paints by mixing them to create a textured and brilliant background.

For my March divider I used:
Tattered Angels High Impact Paint – Antique GoldLight GoldRose Gold and Turquoise
White gesso
Calligraphy pencils – White and Black

Paint your page with High Impack Antique Gold.
Paint the entire surface, highlighting the brush strokes to create a relief effect.

Paint over your first coat (without waiting for the paint to mix) with High Impact Rose Gold.

Proceed in the same way with your High Impact Turquoise…

…and your High Impact Light Gold.

Once dry, the final result is beautiful.

With a circle template, draw the circular pattern with a black pencil.
Then using it as a base create a floral pattern, and insider it, note the current month.

Add some white sprinkles with High Impact White or white gesso.

I hope you have found some ideas for your planner here today.

Enjoy your planning!

– Angélique Jarrier –



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