Repurposed DIY Window

Recycling and Up-cycling is all the rage, it has been for awhile. Giving new life or meaning to old and discarded items. Walking into a salvage yard or antiques center can stir up a bunch of ideas. A door may become a bench or room divider. A wood frame turns into a box or a chalk board. That’s why we had to share this project from Marie, a Repurposed Window which she painted with Tattered Angel’s DIY Paint. Our DIY paint is the perfect paint for these kinds of project.  It has a rich pigment, true to color and goes on smooth for great coverage.

marie window 2

“Growing up on a farm in Wisconsin’s Dairyland, we always had old, vintage treasures in our sheds. I never realized their potential, however, until adulthood after I moved away with my husband. On their last visit, my parents brought me this old window. It took a little cleaning up but I love the end result!”- Marie Heiderscheit

marie window supply

Materials Used:
  • Old window
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Paintbrush
  • Tattered Angel’s DIY paint in Crystal
  • Sandpaper, 80 grit
  • Two pieces of hardware of your choice
  • Painters tape
  • Tools Used; Paintbrush, screwdriver for attaching the handles, sandpaper on a sandpaper block
Follow these step by step directions to make your own re-purposed window.
marie window step 1
Step 1
Clean your window. Mine was very dirty so I went over it several times. I just used good old vinegar and a microfiber rag. Im sure you could use whatever window cleaner you have on hand.
marie window step 2
Step 2
Tape off the edges of all your glass panes. This way it ensures a clean edge and you don’t have to worry about scraping paint off the glass later on. Also, I laid down a canvas drop cloth that I borrowed from my husband’s shop.
marie window step 3
Step 3
Paint! I used a kid’s craft paintbrush and it seemed to work fine. I did end up doing two coats, but in the end I feel it was unneccessary. Use your own judgement, though, to obtain the look you want.
marie window step 4
Step 4
Let the paint totally dry. I left mine for a whole day.
marie window step 5
Step 5
After the paint is dry, carefully peel off the tape. Then, if you desire, you can take some sandpaper and sand down a few areas to give your window a more distressed look. Mine already had some beautiful imperfections that I wanted to highlight.
marie window step 6
Step 6
Add your hardware! I picked up these black metal handles from our home improvement store on sale for only $.88 each! I did enlist the help of my husband in this step. He helped me center them and drill the holes for the screws. If you drill a few pilot holes first, your screws will go in much easier. You can also screw them in by hand, it just takes some extra muscle!
marie window step 7
Step 7
Admire your gorgeous window! There are a number of beautiful ways you could display a vintage window. For mine, I chose to staple a piece of fabric to the back and then hang a simple grapevine wreath to the front. In the future I would love to display some photos on each of the panes, or even put a vinyl quote or verse on it. The possibilities are endless!
Marie’s creative DIY projects are so fun, simple and easy to do. We are especially loving this re-purposed window project and has our mind whirling with color ideas. The possibilities are endless.  To see more of Marie’s work follow her on Instagram or her Blog




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