Surprise “R” Canvas with Gypsy Moments

Letters, monograms and alphabets are so popular these days.  Jana has created the letter R for us, but we know there are 25 other letters to choose from.  What a great art project that features the first letter in your last name or first name, spell out a child’s name for their room or a way to write BRIDE and GROOM for a fun and funky wedding.  Her take on Gypsy Moments is so very different that the shabby chic designs, showing the versatility of the collection.

Hello everyone. Here is Jana from Scrapbook Abundance. I wanted to invite you to see the fabulous pattern of the Gypsy Moments papers. I love them and this time I use them to make a small surprise for my friend Roberta.


Some time ago she saw my three canvases (the Flower canvas, the Poison Mashroom canvas and the Follow Me canvas ) in my Gothic Fairytale on an exibition I had and she said that she would love to have one. I enjoy making pieces that find a lovely place to “live” and don’t stay in drawers and so I decided to make her a canvas and of course in my Gothic Fairytale style. This means stitches, black branches,… The canvas title is : R is for… You would say that is just because her name is Roberta but this R is also for romance, reading, rebel, relaxation,… and maybe even for Rok (her husband). Every day she can decide what this R stands for.


I find that the patterns of the Gypsy Moments paper would be perfect for this occasion, they have a retro scent and that was I needed. I put together a big R that I cut out of just regular cardboard. I glued different types of Gypsy Moments pattern paper, distressed and glued everythhing on the canvas on the black R shaped glow. I make some stitches to join the pieces together. With a toothpick I painted the irregular braches using the Tattered Angels Black High Imact Paint. Some of the branches continue in a 3D way because I put some wire throught the branches ends and painted also the wire as well.I used the Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist to make some spots of paint here and there and also painted the small letteres ( the names of her three kids) with it.




I also used the wire and the metal hardware pieces that give a grungy spice.


I used also the green Tattered Angels High Impact Paint for some color drops….



So , here is an idea to surprise your friends! See you next time!

In every soul appears the heart of a Gypsy: we wander, we travel, we dance and we sing. And while we wander, travel, dance and sing we experience moments— moments that make for memories that last a minute, a day, a month, a year… These moments are those that occur when everyone’s watching, and those that occur when no one’s watching. They’re those special little moments that present themselves in the uniqueness of our one-of-a-kind lives. A point in time that makes you blush, grin, smirk, tear, think, breath, dance, dream, wish, sigh, and helps you realize who you are. These moments are Gypsy Moments. Gypsy Moments are meant to be captured and remembered, no matter how loud, goofy, irresponsible, dramatic, euphoric, regretful or blissful they are. It’s that moment you cheat and get a scone with your “skinny” vanilla latte. It’s that moment where you have the perfect words to say exactly what you need to say. It’s that moment when lady luck is on your side. It’s a day where you keep tripping for no apparent reason. It’s a day filled with moments that make you want to laugh. It’s a day filled with moments that make you want to cry. These moments are so ‘Gypsy.’


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