Tattered Angels DIY Home - Garden Gate Makeover with High Impact Paint

Tattered Angels DIY Home – Garden Gate Makeover with High Impact Paint

Tattered Angels Paints are known around the world as a great paint for craft, mixed media and paper crafting, but they are ideal for Home Decor Projects, Makeovers, Repurposing and Repairs.  This new series will take you inside the various paints, let’s you know what they are perfect for and then a few things you didn’t know they could do.

Before we begin here are a few facts about the entire Tattered Angels Paint Collection.

  1. They are all water-soluble
  2. They are all made in the USA
  3. They are all made one recipe at a time by hand, mixed by hand and bottled by hand
  4. The finest ingredients are used
  5. There are 7 different paint types and kits – Mist Paints, Stain and Tinting Paints, Chalk Paints, Detail Paints, Glitter Paints, Stained Glass Paints and Faux Finish Paint Kits
  6. Many of the paints can be used inside or outside
  7. No odor and no fumes
  8. You can use the paint inside with no issues, no solvents are used to create the paints

Each of the Tattered Angels Paints offers a unique solution to everyday creative home decor projects with ease.  We like to keep it easy, so there might be a little shaking and stirring required, but no sanding, priming, base coats or top coats required.  If you are planning for your piece to be outdoors, you may want to add a top coat, but it is not necessary.

Tattered Angels DIY Home - Garden Gate Makeover with High Impact Paint

Tattered Angels High Impact Paint is one of our favorite paints in the entire collection.

We developed the paint because we wanted a paint that would paint onto burlap and fabric beautifully and we did not have one that did just that, so we made one.  This paint is an acrylic based paint that is so much more than your stand acrylic paints and what we found out is that it will paint virtually any surface.  So yes, it is ideal on burlap and textures, but it is also amazing on metal, wood, finished wood, plastic, resin, concrete, ceramic, tiles, terra-cotta, stone, clay, finished pottery, MDF board, brick and more.  The paint is available in two different types, metallic colors (when they dry they look like metal) and pigment colors (pure color tones.)

High Impact Paint is so easy to use, simply shake or stir it up a bit, prepare you paint space and make sure your item to paint is dust and dirt free and you are ready to go.  Remember this paint will paint anything, so protect your brush in-between coats or if you walk away, you can put it into a Ziplock bag or wrap it in plastic wrap and that will help to keep it fresh if you do step away.  Wash your brush thoroughly after each use.

So now we hope you are intrigued with this amazing paint, so much so you are ready to give it a try.

Here is a very simple project that truly shows off this amazing paint.

We took a sun worn, black, powder coated garden gate that definitely needed a makeover.

best paint for metal Tattered Angels DIY Home - Garden Gate Makeover with High Impact Paint

We made sure the gate itself was dirt and dust free and began painting.  We painted the forged areas, the iron parts, the hardware, we painted everything and wow, it looks like new.  You don’t realize how many different metals, soldering material and hardware are used in a simple garden gate, but they are all a bit different and they all distress a bit differently, but the Tattered Angels High Impact Paint easily covers all of them, making the gate a cohesive work of art once again.

Tattered Angels DIY Home - Garden Gate Makeover with High Impact Paint

We choose the Black High Impact Paint for this project.  We wanted to gate to look once again like a beautiful, forged iron gate.  Time definitely took a toll on this gate and the entire thing transformed to a worn gray color.

Tattered Angels DIY Home - Garden Gate Makeover with High Impact Paint

It is amazing what nature can do.  This once all black gate that is only 12 years old, appears to be 100 years old and counting.  Now we love our antiques, vintage finds and distressed pieces.  But a worn out gate on the front of a house, is not that appealing.  It actually made the entire house front feel updated.

Tattered Angels DIY Home - Garden Gate Makeover with High Impact Paint

The nooks and crannies of the gate would all need to be painted and one thing to note about the High Impact Paint is will actually form around surface and then level.  When working on a vertical item like a gate, it will still drip and run a bit, but the paint is a great texture, so drips do not occur that often. Tattered Angels DIY Home - Garden Gate Makeover with High Impact Paint

The surface of the gate is a little rough, so the paint grabbed it wonderfully.  If the surface is a little smooth, simply lay down a thin layer of paint, allow it to dry and then paint additional layers as desired, letting the paint dry between layers.  The High Impact Paint will cover in anywhere from 1-3 coats depending on the surface and color you are using and covering.

Another thing to note about High Impact Paint is that one bottle will do a lot.  Offered in 1.35 ounces, this little bottle is powerful and goes quite a long way.  It took a total of 3 bottles to paint the entire gate, which is over 10′ tall.  This gate is extra tall, so we think that is pretty incredible.

The gate is done, it has spent weeks in the elements and still looks amazing.  You can keep a bottle around for touch ups that will help to see your gate looking freshly painted.

You can find the complete color offering of High Impact Paints in our online shop.

Keep in mind that the metallic finishes will have a precious metal like finish that has a wonderful sheen and the basic colors are solid colors with a slight sheen to give a professional finish when dry.  You can also mix the colors to create unique colors, lighten or darken or make the perfect turquoise.  You will always want to keep the containers closed between uses, so the paint is at its best when you are ready to use it again.



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