Tattered Angels Rocks – a neighborhood garden adventure

There is a refreshing new idea running around out there….  creating art and leave it for someone to find to brighten their day.  They cal it Art Abandonment.   You can create anything you wish for someone to find then leave it out in the open or in a fun little hidden place.  Our own Erin Reed was first introduced to this idea from a neighborhood painted rock hiding event.  You find a rock, paint it, then hide it and post with a hashtag an idea of where you left it.  You can choose to keep the fun little rock art or re-hide it for someone else to find. 


We absolutely loved this idea and thought that the Angel Crew would do an amazing job with all the Tattered Angels range of paints and mists and create and leave beautiful painted rocks out there for the world to find.  There is no limit to the creativity to these rocks. They can be fun, romantic, cute, thematic, grungy, and even kids can do them!!   Once key factor to Art Abandonment is that we never want to ruin or deface public property.  Rock are a perfect find to paint and leave a bit of art without hurting the world around them.  

Here are Erin Reed’s painted rocks.  She choose to use the theme of the new “Trolls” movie to make these cute rocks.  She also has a video to help explain a bit more what Tattered Angels Rocks is all about.

troll-rocks-w-600Here is the video on how I made these rocks plus info about Tattered Angels Rocks.

I used the Decor and DIY paints in Rose, Cerulean, Ebony, Viridian, Sapphire, Jade, and Amethyst. This is a wonderful paint for use in the outdoors because it weathers so well and it sticks to anything including rocks!  Now don’t forget to add the #Tatteredangelsrocks on the back of your rock as shown below.  You can also put “Keep or Re-hide” on the back so people know what to do with it.

troll-rocks-1-600You don’t want to hide the rocks too well, the goal is for someone to find them, but also we don’t suggest placing them in the middle of the path.  Make it a bit fun!!  Here a rock is hiding in a tree waiting for some lucky person to find it.


Here are some of the other amazing painted rocks our Crew made.  First we have Beth Byrd’s rocks with fun little embellishments added to make them so pretty!!  She sprayed the rock with Glimmer Mists in Valentine Pink and Vanilla Breeze and then added on fun little trims.  Check out Beth’s Blog for more info on how she made these pretty rocks.


Marie Heiderscheit and her son made some amazing rocks.  I thought this would be a great project to get my son involved in since he already loves rocks! We went for a walk and I helped him find a few rocks big enough to paint and write on. He loved playing with all the Tattered Angels paints! I think his favorite part of the process was getting to spray the rocks with the various mists. After the rocks were misted we also put a layer of Glimmer Glam on some of them for some extra sparkle!


Paints used are Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists in Tattered Angels Lobster, Moss, It’s Orange, and Amethyst.  For more info on Marie’s rocks please check out her blog.


Christine Santos transformed a rock into a little piece of art, layered with a variety of Tattered Angels paints.  I’ve given the rock a good coat of Navy and Rose Gold High Impact paints.  For another layer, the Damask on Ivory Tissuestock is also applied on the rock.  The Black Waxed Cotton Cord is tied in a bow for an added fun touch.  For extra color, shimmer, and depth, the Dragonfly, Coral Reef, Pearl, and Abominable Snowman Glimmer Mists are added on the rock.


Jaine Drake said: I loved this project, what could be more fun than painting on rocks and stones then hiding them away in the countryside for someone else to find?  For my rocks I decided on some inspirational quotes along with a bit of free hand painting. I started by painting the rocks black all over. This took a couple of coats of paint but it hid all the imperfections nicely and gave me a base to paint on. I penciled in my design before just painting it on the rock, including the word Smile. For the smaller rock, I wanted something finer and more detailed so I used a white paint pen to draw the tree and word.  The next time I go into the forest walking I’m taking them with me to leave under a tree for someone to find. Hopefully it’ll make them smile.  Jaine used Tattered Angels High Impact paint in Black, White and Yellow, and White paint pen.


Linda S Skotheim said: I just loved the idea of painting rocks… and I do remember that as I kid I did the same… and it was just as fun now as it was back then… At the school where I work we have 10 grades, and from 5th grade and up to 10th they are allowed to use their phone at school… so they tend to play pokemon go… I wanted to make something that the smaller kids also could “play” and it was a success. They now look for rocks, hide them again and again… even the grownups working there are looking and hiding… and even some of the bigger kids come over and help the smaller ones find a rock… So fun.  Ready to get started.. almost every rock have got some of the DIY paint (I just love this color) as a base… high impact is so full of pigment that it can cover this …  And then just play away… these stones where made to be a treasure, not art… and that is what I love.  I still got a few left that has not been placed yet… one new one each week… (I put out 10 the first week).


Jean Marmo used an old rock from the backyard and turned it into a stone with meaning.  I hope whoever finds my rock is inspired by the positive messages such as dream, be you, etc.  After a first layer of High Impact Wheat, I painted flowers using the Brights Mist.  Using a sharpie add doodling, outlining and words of encouragement.  For more info on Jean’s rock please see her blog.


You can join up and show us the rocks you have painted and hidden in your neighborhood.  Don’t forget #tatteredangelsrocks. Link up here!!


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