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Tomorrow is National Card Day and we are scheduled to be part of the Spellbinders Woodland Collection Blog Hop with our post going live tomorrow, so we thought we would do our card post today that is all about the color me crazy.  We challenged ourselves to use only 3 Glimmer Mist Paints and to see what we could do and You will be amazed.  We choose the 3 primary colors – a red, yellow and blue – our primary colors may not be what is perfectly found in nature, but they are a great starting point for these projects.  


We love to watercolor and paint with Glimmer Mist and thought it would be a fun experiment to stick with these 3 primary colors and test our elementary art class lesson memories regarding secondary and tertiary colors.  You know what you get when you mix your primary colors and your secondary colors.


Just as a refresher here is the color wheel we all created back in the day.  Pretty simple right and so much fun to see what you can do with just 3 colors.  

Secondary colors –  you generally mix one part each of two primary colors.  When working with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist the amounts might slightly vary to get to a secondary color you are happy with.  Keep in mind that every Glimmer Mist paint is created using a range of mica and dyes to create each color.  There if a bit of trial and error, but start with a small equal dose of each and see what happens and then go from there.  We recommend starting with small mixtures and working with them vs. larger amounts as it is much more difficult to adjust the color.  You will also want to remember how many parts of each you used to create you color so you can create it again.  You will always want to shake up your Glimmer Mist side to side before pouring into the mixing container and stir with a brush before applying to mix up all that great color.  You will still see when painting with Glimmer Mist that the metallic micas and the various colors that make up each paint will show up when they dry, so you are not creating a flat secondary color, but rather a beautiful set of secondary tons.


Tertiary colors – these colors are created with equal parts of two different secondary colors.  These will be a bit more difficult to create now that you have so many colors you are working with, but how fun to try.  

The fun part is mixing different potions to get get fun colors you can create with, whether you choose more bright colors or deeper, vintage colors, they all start with 3 primary colors.


Here are a few projects to show off how fun our colors we mixed and the original primary colors are to work with. We focused on primary and secondary colors, but you can keep going to make the colors you love.  These projects are all created with Tattered Angels Tattered Tangles Collection – a line of 12×12 papers and assorted flat art cards that are all ready to be colored with your favorite way to color.  The paper has a unique finish that lets the paints float on top for just a bit letting you blend and mix them before they are dry.  

Tangled Skinny Card

Start with one pieces of Tattered Angels Tattered Tangles Paper and have fun coloring it in with your mixed paints.


What you will need:

Supplies:  paint pallet or small clear cups; small paint brush, Beacon’s 3 in 1 Glue, Paper Cutter, sewing machine

Step 1:  Shake and pour a small amount of all 3 colors each into separate containers and then mix and match more colors to make your secondary and other colors.  With a small brush watercolor onto the Tattered Tangles papers, the paper has a special finish that works so well with Glimmer Mist paint.  With your brush swirl, paint, fill, draw anywhere you wish.  It is helpful when switching colors to let the other dry (it does not take long) before painting another color right next to it unless your are trying to blend the colors which is great too.

PrintStep 2:  Cut the card 8″ wide x 9″ tall – the stripes can go up and down or sideways – so many fun choices and there are no wrong answers.  Cut a piece of the Yellow & Ivory paper to the same size and glue them back to back and scoring or folding down the middle making the card 9″ tall.  They are the prefect size to fit the Canvas Corp #10 Envelopes (also known as Skinny Envelopes).

Step 3:  choose a sentiment from the Tattered Angels Tangled Pack – they come with 14 different fun cards, sayings and art that you can put inside or outside of cards, tags or other craft projects.  You can choose from a variety of other Tangled Packs.  These are the perfect tool for adult coloring – you can color them in with your choice of Mist, Paint, Watercolor, Pastels, Inks, Sprays, Markers, Pencils, etc.  The paper let’s the color pop and it is so easy to work with.  You can add your own art to the art provided with a slim line black or Sharpie permanent marker.  For this card we left the art as is, but you can color it in to match your card.

20956-A-Tangled-Pack-Happiness_largeStep 4: Stitch a small piece of burlap to your sentiment on the left hand side with a fun stitch and glue the card in place and then glue into your card.


 TieDye Card

All you need are the same 3 primary colors to create this classy card that is in no way elementary.


What you will need:

Supplies – paint pallet or small cups, medium and small paint brushes, Beacon’s 3 in 1 Glue, sewing machine

Step 1:  Starting with your favorite of the 3 colors, the next and then the last, painting them with a medium brush across the entire Chevron paper.  As you paint the next color paint a bit over the previous color to let them blend a bit.  Repeat the same pattern over the entire paper making the stripes as big or small as you desire.  Let dry and cut 8″x9″ and fold to make your skinny size card.


Step 2:  Choose a sentiment from your Tattered Tangles Pack and color in the words and spaces with your small brush and let it dry.

IMG_3724Step 3:  Stitch a 1″ piece of the damask canvas to the 9″ side of your card on the inside and then zigzag your sentiment into place.

There are endless possibilities with the Tattered Angels Tattered Tangles Papers, Packs and Glimmer Mist.  The relaxation of adult coloring is catching on big time with books, how tos and ideas galore.  Choose your favorite packs and papers and color away, let them dry and you are ready to create cards, mini books, journals, tags, trays, ATC’s and more.  


This sweet little book is just a single card from the Tattered Tangled Pack:Dreams with 3 assorted Canvas Corp Papers and a piece of canvas misted with glimmer mist through a Crafters Workshop stencil.  The book was easily bound with a piece of the left over misted canvas and a sewing machine.  Note that the feather features purple, blue and green, all created from the same 3 primary colors.
IMG_3736This feather tag is another of the pieces from the Dreams pack – this time a little orange was added to the mix by blending 3 parts yellow to 1 part red (you can adjust to get the color you wish) and paint them onto the card.  Cut an oversized tag from any Canvas Corp Paper and stitch your card into place, add a fun combo of hemp cords and you have a hand painted tag ready for a birthday gift, house warming or just because.


Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist is still the best mist out there on the market, you can also mist and create even more color combining techniques.  The key is choosing a red, a blue and a yellow, the base colors you choose will alter the tone of your project, so choose deeper, dirtier colors for a vintage feel and fresh, vibrant colors for a clean, modern look and then you can go anywhere in-between.  We say Glimmer Mist, but you can do these same techniques with Simply Sheer, Chalkboard and Baseboard.  Note that Simply Sheer and Baseboard do not have mica, so you will get the variety of color tones, but not the metallic swirls.  

So if you are looking for a fun activity that is relaxing, fun and easy, then coloring with Tattered Angels Tattered Tangles could be the perfect ticket.  For additional inspiration with Tattered Tangles take a look at more projects on the blog.

Happy Creating!!!

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