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The Door – A Sewed Junk Journal

Today I want to share with you my sewed junk journal with mixed media cover. Junk journal is always a fun piece to make, although it takes some time to complete it 🙂 I used sewing machine in my process but it’s totally up to you if you’d like having stiches in your book.

Materials used for the junk journal:
Architextures™ Junque Pack – Parlour
Architextures™ 12×12 Papers – Collection I
Canvas Corp Boots and Saddle: Barbed Wire Paper
Canvas Corp Rust & Ivory Tile Paper
Canvas Corp The Watering Can: Critters and Crawlers on Kraft Paper
Canvas Corp Black & Kraft Fleur De Lis Paper
Canvas Corp Burlap Fringe – Natural Burlap
Tattered Angels High Impact Metallic Paint – Copper
Tattered Angels Color Wash Paint – French Roast
white gesso, spatula
sewing machine, thread and niddle
scissors or trimer, coffee

Cut a 21cm/24,5cm piece from a thick cardboard for the the cover.
It will give you 11cm for the back and front cover with 2,5cm spine.
Glue some books scraps and paper pieces to the one side and cover it with white gesso.

Splash some Color Wash Paint over it and delute with water, let it spread out all over your piece then dry it with heat tool.

Glue randomely a few more bits of paper and some cheescloth.
Mix white gesso wit High Impact Paint and spread it unevenly using spatula.

Choose the door and additional embelishments for the front of the cover.
I chose white doubledoor and a nice crackled wall from Junque Pack, some trim, cheesclothe, keys and lock charms.
I also made a tiny door hanger from the packaging:)
The whole piece matched nicely with the background giving the cover a nice vintage, grungy feeling.

Choose a paper for the inside cover.
You can add a belly bend or a pocket to it as you like.
I secured the inside spine with washi and the corners with metal embelishments.

Time for making inserts 🙂 You can use any kind of papers you want.
I chose a few paper from Architextures Pad, some old books’ pages, music sheets, copy paper, old composition books’ pages and coffee dyed them all.
Then added some pockets and tusk spots using various bits and pieces of papers and fabrics.

I also stitched most of the pages to add more interest.

Assambling those papers is really a fun and creative process 🙂
Finally I attached my signatures to the spine using “three holes” pamphlet stitch binding.
(Check Linda Israel’s YT channel for a great tutorial on that out!)

So that’s it! Your junk journal is ready to start adding your notes, thoughts and secrets inside.

Hope you found it inspiring.

Have a fun crafty day 🙂

Karina vel Gibonik


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  1. June 30, 2018 @ 5:30 pm WuWu

    Wow!! Simply outstanding!! I love the cover??


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