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Three Ideas On Mixed Media Art Journals

Art journals are awesome. That’s it. It’s the truth known to all mixed media crafters.
You can go as big or as small as you want. As simple or as messy as your head is at a given moment. As mixed media or as one medium as the imagination calls for.

With Canvas Corp Brands, you have the freedom to choose any style of art journalling and still have plenty of products to play with… papers, tissue, stickers, paints and anything else you can think of, there is no way on Earth that you won’t be able to express yourself with our products!
It’s a promise!


Kissmycreative – Intuitive Journaling

I had to do a page for my monthly art journal swap with my lovely friend Lucy and my hands (and thoughts) immediately went to CCB products! Whenever I want to do something intuitive, I always reach for my bits and bobs from CCB as they are PERFECT for mixed media pages like this. And of course, the Glimmer Mist colors always get me! <3 – see! Blu Kissmycreative confirms what we’ve just said!

For this page Blu used:
Tattered Angels Glimmer mist in Patina

Tattered Angels Simply Sheer mist in Rich Brown & Tangy Lime
Canvas Corp Heirloom Collection: Brushes on Ivory
7gypsies Gypsy Mixed Media Pad – Ordre du Jour
Canvas Corp Black Patchwork on White
7gypsies Mixed Media Junque Pack
Watercolor Brush
Matte Gel Medium
Brush pen, White gel pen
scissorsxacto knife

See more of Blu’s art on her Instagram.


Cristin Stevenson – Opening Door

Throughout life we find a series of doors. Some doors may be opening, some may be closing, but either way, as we enter and leave different chapters of our lives we are essentially walking through various doors. Today’s project is all about honoring those doors via art journaling!
When starting the project I wanted it to be centered around the Architextures Distressed Wooden Doors piece. I went to Pinterest and found a quote that I felt really resonated with the idea I had in the forefront of my mind. I found the quote, “The doors will be opened for those who are bold enough to knock.” Wow! I found it to be so thought provoking and could relate it to different areas of my life. – explains her inspiration Cristin.

Cristin used:
Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist – Tokyo, English Ivy, Verdigris, Tarnished Silver, Coffee Shop, Dragonfly
Tattered Angels High Impact – Black
7gypsies – Architextures – Distressed Wooden Doors
Golden – Glass Bead Gel
StencilGirl – Rose Window Stencil
Sakura – Gelly Roll – White
Palette Knife
Heat GunHot Glue Gun

  • I started with texture! Here, I’m using a palette knife to scrape glass bead gel through a stencil. You will want to let it dry completely before you continue. I’m not very patient so I used a heatgun. Worked handsomely!
  • Next, I grabbed some stamps and an ink pad and randomly stamped around the page. The point isn’t to get a totally clear perfect stamped image but rather to add some interest to the background.
  • Now the part we’ve all been waiting for – color! I used various Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists. I really soaked down the page and let the colors melt and run together, and even drip down the page.
  • Next, I attached the Architextures door. I added a little bit of hot glue to help it adhere, since I had so much raised texture from the stencil.
  • Lastly, I used High Impact Black to add extra brushstrokes and the background for my writing, then used a white pen to write the quote in my own handwriting.

For more Cristin’s work, visit her Instagram.


Denisa Gryczova – Sweet Nostalgia

Mixed media art journaling sized 12 cm x 15cm (two pages). Just playing and experimenting with colours and textures. Using up the scraps from my stash and Tattered Angels mists. – says Denisa.

Materials used:
Tattered Angels Mists: Fully PurpleDragonflyRolling TideElectric BlueAppleAtlantic, Halloween Orange

Canvas Corp Damask Tissue Paper
heavy white gesso, archival ink
uhu glue, glitters, metallique wax, light paste
canvas bits, twigs, wire, chippies
metal components, black thread, washi tape
statement stickers
scissors, palette knife, heat tool, brushes, stamps

  • I started off by covering the paper with white gesso. When dry, I did some random stamping using archival ink. Then I applied another layer of the white gesso to get the smoky look. Next I let it dry a bit and added some bits of tissue paper. After that I painted the surface with gesso again and my background was finished.
  • I added some more stamping in black and turquoise.
  • Then I applied light paste through a stencil to achieve the texture. When dry I sprayed various glimmer mists on the textured area and let the drippings do their job. Then I let it dry.
  • Next I grabbed metallique wax and tapped it on the texture with my finger tips.
  • I cut out two butterflies and inked the edges.
  • I sprinkled some glitter on the butterflies and sprayed chippies with mists. I also did some stamping on it. Then I applied the wax on its edges.
  • Then I started building up the cluster. I used various materials: some wire, chippies, metal bits, twigs, canvas left overs, stickers and washi tape. Then I realised having the spread in blue colours is rather dull so I added some oranges and greens to get the dynamics. As the last step I did some splattering all over the project.

You can find more of Denisa’s work on her blog and Instagram

Enjoy your art journaling!


Canvas Corp Brands is the home of Tattered Angels, 7Gypsies and Canvas Corp (Canvas Home Basics). We are a manufacturer of surfaces, paint and vintage reproductions coming to you from Springdale, Arkansas.

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  1. August 20, 2017 @ 10:27 am Linda Simpson

    Fabulous pages all so very different but stunning!
    Linda xxx


  2. August 25, 2017 @ 10:50 am Iris

    All stunning pieces. Love the techniques.


  3. August 28, 2017 @ 11:25 am Sam (kissmycreative)

    Thanks guys! And I absolutely LOVE the other spreads! So much yummy texture and gorgeous colors! <3


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