Vintage Finds: Old Tray Makeovers

We can never have enough trays.  Perfect for holding random objects, carrying food to the deck, or as added decor on your coffee table.  Don’t hide them in the closet just because they are outdated or need a little TLC.  Here are some inspirational projects that will encourage you to go to the closet and reach for those lonely old trays that are longing to be part of your everyday life.  
We kick things off with this very simple white canvas lined tray.  The canvas not only looks good but it keeps things from moving where you don’t want them to move.  Ann of  choose a clean white painted look and paired it with the French inspired Canvas Corp Paris Fabric Panel.  The printed fabric panels are approximately 12.5″x15.5″ of printed space, so consider the size of the bottom of your tray when using the panel.  The panels come in a wide range of themes and are also available in a 12″x12″ square printed canvas panels.  Their black and white art can be left just like it is or add a little color with Tattered Angels High Impact Paints which are perfect for canvas and burlap.
Remote control tray DIY with paint and canvas SMALL
Ann says, “I needed a way to keep all our remote controls from getting lost so I found this tray at an antique shop, painted it, and added printed canvas on the bottom.” Not only is this solution so clever, it looks amazing and your tray makeover can be designed to match any theme or color scheme, even your husband’s favorite sports team for the media room.  

Materials Used:

old wooden tray
paint – Tattered Angels Decor & DIY Paint is a great option for painting onto any surface including finished wood
Tools Used: paint brush; glue gun; scissors
I found this tray at an antique shop and knew it would be perfect to corral all our remotes.  Cut the fabric to the right size and set aside.  Paint the tray on the inside and outside with one or two coats making sure to cover what is underneath.  Allow the coats to dry in-between for best coverage.
Finished remote control tray SMALL
When the paint is dry glue the fabric into place, making sure that all the corners are very secure.
We are pretty sure this old tray must have come from the same shop or maybe they made a lot of trays like that back in the day.  Just one Tattered Angels Naturally Aged Kit was all it took to create this tea inspired tray that is perfect for holding vintage canisters or tea bags and sugars.  Add a few cups and napkins and a little pitcher of milk and you are ready for tea time.
repurpose tray - faux finish
The faux finish paint kits will adhere to virtually any surface without the need for sanding or priming and you can make them your own adding the “spots of rust” or other details where you want them.  This tray was made with the Tattered Angels Naturally Aged Kit – Blue Rusty Metal but there are many other options to choose from.  Simple step by step, full color instructions come with each kit. See all the kits here – Naturally Aged Kits Naturally Aged Kit Faux Finish Tray
To see all the details about this tray and more about the naturally aged kits visit Faux Rusty Metal Tray Makeover.
If painting is not your thing, why not consider paper? You can decoupage it, cover it with glass or use it to decorate a tray that you will hang up.  This clever tray was created by Shelley Hagenman.  We love the theme and the variety of papers look great together and cover up any flaws your tray may have.
wine tray 2 copy
To see how Shelley created this tray visit our post DIY Wine and Cheese Tray.  You will find all the papers in the Canvas Corp Vino and Ale Collection.  
So round up a few old trays or pick some up next time you are garage sale shopping or vintage market hunting then paint and paper them up to create a fun decorative piece you can proudly display or even give as a gift.
Happy Creating!!!





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