10 Ways to Apply Mists and Sprays

Are you new to misting with Tattered Angels Mist paints?  Do you have a few questions about how to use them or are you looking for a little inspiration? Crew Member Zinia Amoiridou is on the blog today sharing 10 ways to apply Glimmer Mist, Simply Sheer Mist, Baseboard Mist and Chalkboard Mist.  Why 4 different mists from Tattered Angels? Well that is an easy answer. The collection began with Glimmer Mist, a sheer water-based mist with a hint of color and mica blended together. Chalkboard is the same great mist but is more opaque.  While Glimmer Mist and Chalkboard Mist are filled with mica and glimmer, Simply Sheer and Baseboard have none.  They are perfect for more vintage, rustic and even masculine-themed projects.  The choice is yours but the techniques will work with all of them and are so fun to try.
Before you begin, here are a few facts about Tattered Angels Mists you might not know:
1- they are water-based and will clean up with soap and water
2 – shake side to side to keep the mica and dye in the bottle and not in the nozzle 
3 – there are a range of mist options but you can also open the bottle and apply with a brush for a watercolor look
4 – you can stain raw or reclaimed wood with no sanding or priming, just mist and let it dry
5- you can mix different colors to make your own mist shades
6 – all the mists are made one recipe at a time
7 – the front swatch is made each time a batch is created so you know exactly the color you are getting
8- all mists are made in Springdale, Arkansas
9 – they will temporarily stain your hands but one of the best ways to clean your hands is to wash your hair!
10 – they are are not designed to tint or dye clothing – you can mist fabric, ribbon, silk and other cloth but we do not recommend washing and drying
While we could go on and on with more facts, you can read more about the mists on the Tattered Angels Website – mytatteredangels.com and specifically about the mists.  If you have questions that are not answered, leave a message below and we will get an answer for you.  
Now onto Zinia’s post and 10 amazing and inspiring ideas for mist paints….. 
Glimmer Mist Colors
Tattered Angels Mists and Sprays are so fun and they are so versatile to use, but sometimes they can be a bit intimidating. If you already have some in your stash and need ideas on how to use them or if you’re thinking about adding a few to your collection, I have put together a little tutorial on how to apply mists to your projects in ten different ways.  I also created a Tattered Angels Mist How-To Video for those who love Youtube where there are so many great ideas.
Here are the materials featured in this post and on Zinia’s YouTube video.
Materials Used:
Tattered Angels – Simply Sheer Mist – Spicy Mustard
Tattered Angels – Simply Sheer Mist – Peony
Tattered Angels – Simply Sheer Mist – Pink
Tattered Angels – Simply Sheer Mist – Teal
Tattered Angels – Simply Sheer Mist – Vintage Blue
Tattered Angels – Simply Sheer Mist – Tangy Lime
Tattered Angels – Simply Sheer Mist – Aqua
Tattered Angels – Baseboard Mist – Wave
Tattered Angels – Baseboard Mist – Gerber
Tattered Angels – Chalkboard Mist – Black Orchid
Tools Used:  Paint Brushes; Brayer (or dough roller); Ink Blending Tool (or make up sponge); Paper Towel; Sponge; Baby; Wipe; Stencil
So gather up your supplies and let’s start experimenting….
1 – MISTING – This first way is obvious and I’m sure it’s something you’ve done a million times already but I wanted to include it anyway. When you spray directly on your project you have a couple of options. You can either go close to the page and create a small blob of concentrated color or spray from a distance to get a fine and lighter look. You may occasionally get some bigger blotches but it will just add some more interest to your backgrounds.  Different surfaces will react differently when misted, it is fun to experiment.
How to use Simply Sheer Mist

Simply Sheer is a sheer mist with pigment dye, but no mica or glimmer in the formula.

2 – MISTING WITH A STENCIL – Another option is to apply your color through a stencil. In this case you have two options. You can either lightly spray from a distance to get a fine coverage that will preserve the details of the stencil, or you can add a lot of color and flood your stencil to get a more vibrant and messy impression.
Mist techniques from Tattered Angels

The flatter the stencil the better the mist applies. You can use an adhesive or tape to hold your stencil in place if the surface is not flat.

3 – WATERCOLOR WITH MIST – You can also use your mists with paintbrushes. Just unscrew the cap and dip your brush into the color. You can use any size brush you want but keep in mind that for smaller brushes you will have to refresh the color pretty often.
3 - Baseboard Mist

Baseboard Mist is more opaque than Simply Sheer, giving more coverage and depth of color

4 – MISTS & BABY WIPES – A fun and quick way to cover a big surface is to apply the color using a baby wipe. Just place the baby wipe at the top of the bottle and get a good amount of color on it then just spread it across your page. The color will be a bit lighter and more translucent, kind of like a watercolor wash.
4 - Chalkboard Mist

Chalkboard Mist is filled with pigment dye and mica. Shake side to side first and then apply to baby wipe for maximum glimmer!!!

5 – MIST WITH A SPONGE – If you want to apply your color with some texture you can use a sponge brush. It works almost like a regular brush but it will create some harsh and interesting brush stroke lines.  You can also try different sponges to see a range of different textures.
5 - Simply Sheer

Glimmer Mist and Simply Sheer allow you to create very soft, subtle colors that are great for backgrounds and watercoloring your favorite art.

6 – SPLATTERING WITH MISTS – One of my top favorite ways to apply mists on projects is splattering. Use the cap of your bottle and lightly tap it with your finger on top of your page. It will create the most beautiful random pops of color. You can also do this technique with a paintbrush if you want bigger splatters.
6 - Baseboard Mist

You can also fill up an eye dropper if you need to put the spots in just the right places.

7 – PAPER TOWEL AND MIST SPRAY – Another fun thing you can do is to stamp using a paper towel. You basically want to grab a piece of paper towel and give it a couple of spritzes. Quickly before the color dries put the paper towel on top of your project and press it down. It helps to transfer the color if you wet the surface of your project before you add the color.  You can also mist you art and remove with a paper towel for a similar but different look, or roll the paper towel roll over your mist for yet another fun look.
7 - Simply Sheer Mist

We are asked often if there is a particular paper towel we recommend and our answer is choose your favorite. There are different designs and thicknesses, try a few and pick your favorite.

8 – FOAM SPONGE AND MIST – If you want a clean and smooth application you should consider trying some ink blending foams or make up sponges. A little goes a long way with these beauties so you don’t need to use a lot of color. You can blend different colors together and work on your surface until you are happy with the result.
8 - Simply Sheer Mist

Look for sponges in the health and beauty department at your local store for a variety of options.

9 – BRAYER YOUR MIST – Going on to a completely different idea, if you want to have a lot of texture and variety as you apply your color you can try using a brayer. Add your color on a non-stick surface and roll your brayer on it to pick the color. You could also spray directly on the brayer if you want to.
9 - Simply Sheer Mist

The brayer will result in a different on various surfaces so try out a few. You can also blend different mist colors for a great variegated look.

10 – MAKING OMBRE WITH MIST – Last but not least, you can create an ombre dip dye effect. Grab a jar (preferably a thin and tall one) large enough that you can fit your paper in it. Fill approximately 1/3 of it with water and then add some of your mist. You will need to experiment a bit with the proportions but it’s always best to start with a small amount of color as you can always add more later if it’s not enough. Dip your paper in the diluted color and leave it for around a minute. Then dry it completely and dip it in the color again but put a few centimeters less in the color this time. Repeat as many times as you want till you are happy with the result.
10 - Simply Sheer Mist
 So line up your favorite Tattered Angels Mists with or without mica, grab a few craft tools and have fun making backgrounds for cards, mixed media art, scrapbooking layouts, atcs, wedding invitations, wall art and more.  Keep it simple and just work with color or add different elements to create your style of art.  There is no right or wrong, just have fun, experiment, and feel confident when playing with color.  Once you master the basics you can really go all out!
Check out Zinia Amoiridou’s blog and Instagram account for more projects and ideas, too!
Happy Creating!!!





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