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Beautification of my Wooden High Veg Bed

Hello everyone. Evelyn Walter here today. I want to share with you how I upcycled my wooden high veg bed to make it real crafter worthy… hahaha yes, I said it! But let me tell you the story from the beginning…
Last year, I built up a little high bed on my terrace; I wanted to have some salat and vegetables, some herbs and tomatoes on my own, but I didn´t want the snails to reach – so this little high bed was perfect, the open space on my terrace had exactly the right dimensions and so my son prepared the underground and we put it together.
Being filled, the planted vegetables grew wonderful!

This year I added some potting soil and started to plant new. Everything is growing wonderful again and I am very happy with it – except with the look of it. It looked really worn and dirty and I didn´t like it.

Lucky me, having the pretty, new Color Wash Paint from Tattered Angels!

Tattered Angels Color Wash Paint colors Evelyn used to ‘beautify’ her wooden high veg bed:
Caribbean MistWeathered Copper Faux FinishFrench RoastBlack VelvetWhite Wash Faux Finish 

Here you can see my high bed, as it looked before my beautification. As you can see, there are some vegetables growing inside. Look, how big my cabbage turnips are! But the high bed itself looked pretty worn. Oh, and yes, I use the Color Wash Paint although there are vegetables and salat inside! I am not afraid to use the paint, because the waterbased paint it is absolutely non-toxic, totally odorless.

First I had to clean my high bed. I brushed away all the potting soil, dirt and dust and wiped over it with a wet cloth. For the use of the paint you don´t have to make any other preparation like sanding, you can use it at once.

I took a brush and gave some color on a plate. Then I started to paint all the wooden slates with the different colors of the paint. It is really easy to use! The only thing you have to note is, that the paint is very liquid. So if you are painting vertical planks, don´t take too much paint, to avoid it to run down.

To get more shades, you have some possibilities: you can mix the colors (here I mixed black and white to get a lovely grey). I also mixed the carribean mist with white, it turned out in a light, a little bit opaque blue. Another way to get a different shade is to paint more than one layer. The more layers you add, the more intense the color will be. But never too intense, it always will stay naturally!

The paint even had to solve a hardness test. While I was painting, there was a thunderstorm. All my fresh painted planks got wet – and what can I say? The color stayed perfectly!

Here you can see the finished high bed. I am very pleased with the result! The faux finish paint has a wonderful glimmer, it looks amazing – even better than in the photos.
I hope you feel inspired to make something with these paints too!

Try the Color Wash Paints out, you will love them!

Thank you for your visit today, and I would love to hear, what you think about this project!

Happy crafting!!!

Evelyn Walter
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  1. July 16, 2018 @ 7:04 am Ava

    Evelyn great DIY. Motivational and great showcasing Canvas Corp paints.


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