Christmas is Everywhere – A Stop Motion Animation Film by Jana Korečič

Thanksgiving is today in the USA and it is a great reminder no matter where you are around world to be thankful for all the great things we do have.  With so much turmoil around the world and close to home, it is so nice to have a reminder that there are miracles everywhere you look.  Crew member, Jana Korečič has created the most amazing holiday film using Stop Motion Animation and a lot of creativity.  Christmas is Everywhere is a beautifully done animated film with a wonderfully written new holiday song, lovable characters and a terrific message for the season.

As we enter into the holiday season it is a great time to be reminded what the season is all about. Jana shares, “it was meant to bring alive the old fashioned feeling of Christmas.”  And that is does.  Each frame brings a bit of hope and a smile to your face, as this special little family finds a way to make the best out of their Christmas dilemma.  This film will remind you that Christmas is everywhere!!!!

Watch the film and below is an interview with Jana that will give some insight into the making of the film, the heart behind it and some things you might want to know.  Before you watch, you must know that the characters, props and backdrops were all handmade by Jana and her family with the most amazing creative touches and attention to details. 

What exactly is a Stop Motion Animation Christmas film..Stop motion animation is animation that is captured one frame at time, with physical objects that are moved between photo frames. When you play back the sequence of images rapidly, it creates the illusion of movement.

family holiday filmWe absolutely love the film and all that went into the making of this special holiday message.  We had the opportunity to ask Jana about her first movie and here is what she had to say.

CCB – Where did you get the idea for the film?  
Jana – I remembered a special Christmas when I was a little girl. My father brought home the Christmas tree, but we couldn’t find the Christmas decorations. We looked in every corner of our house, but they seem to have disappeared. I still remember how sad I was and went to bed almost in tears. I had an empty feeling that we lost Christmas. My mom saw how desperate my sister and I were and said to my father to bring home from work some styrofoam pieces (the ones that were used for insulation purposes) and they decorated the tree with them and hang them from the ceiling of the living room. The next day, when we woke up, we saw the improvised Christmas tree, but for me it was the sign the Christmas was back and all the little pieces were floating like snowflakes in our living room. Pure joy!! It was simply the sign that you can find Christmas everywhere if you have it in your heart. And guess what, the day after we also found the missed Christmas decorations.
CCB – Did you create all of the props and clothing?  
Jana – I wanted the animation to be entirely handmade. I created the puppets, the furniture, the cups, the sofa, the windows … everything! But I had a big help from my mom too. She made every knitted piece you see in the video: the pullovers, the cloths, the carpets, the pillows. Some of the pieces were even knitted using the toothpicks. And my son created the NO XMAS sign.
Cast of the Christmas is Everywhere Movie

Cast of the Christmas is Everywhere Movie – You can tell the size of the cast next to the Tattered Angels Bottle

 CCB – How long was the process from start to release date?  
Jana – We started with the process in January 2016 and it took us almost all the year to complete everything.
CCB – What is your favorite scene in the film?  
Jana – My favorite scene is the one when all the family is looking at the “tree” in the corridor being happy with how Christmas would be – a bit different but still the same! Because when you feel Christmas you really can find it everywhere!
Knitted Clothing Props for movie set

Each piece of clothing was knitted by hand and many of these items were part of the “Christmas Tree”

CCB – Where was the movie made?
Jana – In my home, I have a small studio where all the props were created, but it was too small for shooting the film, so for a month I used my son’s room.
behind the scenes movie set

Behind the scenes movie set

CCB – What is your favorite prop you made?  
Jana – I love the gramophone. It’s actually made out of a spool and the plastic bottom support of an chocolate Easter egg.
CCB – Where the people based on people you know?  
Jana – Yes. We have a group of friends and each family has one child and each family has a granny, but I hope every family can find something familiar in this special family.
CCB – Who wrote and sang the music?  
Jana –
Matej Cernatič – lyrics and audio editing, mixing
Marko Vidmar – bass, back vocals, audio editing, mixing and mastering
Jure Francetič – music, guitar and vocals
Jagoda Ladynska Francetič – back vocals
CCB – Did the idea for the film come first or the song?  
Jana – We first had the idea of the song, but the idea for the film came just a few seconds later.
CCB – Do you have sketches or drawings that you did before making each item?  
Jana – I do have some sketches of the puppets, but for the rest I took it just directly out of my mind.
 animated puppet
CCB – What is something about the production people probably would not notice?  
Jana – All the clothes are wired to simulate the wind going through the clothes and so are the spruce trees at the entrance.

Check out the eye balls from the movie, how many actors have their eyes all over the design table?

CCB – Did you make all the props for the movie or are they actual items?  
Jana – We made all of the props and designed them to be the right size for the cast of the movie.
movie props
CCB – Tell us one funny thing that happened during the production?  
Jana – Several times I found Granny and the Boss having tea on the sofa. My son thought that they would be a nice couple.
grandma and grandpa puppets

Grandma and the Boss enjoy a cup of coffee.

CCB – Please share anything else about this special project.  
Jana – The most special aspect we want to share and spread about the film is the message “if you gather together with family and friends you can create something beautiful and enhance ties between everyone.”
holiday film 2017
Jana also shared with us that many products from Canvas Corp Brands were used in the making of this film and that was so exciting to hear and what an honor.  It is like we are part of the film in the credits with our list of goodies you will find used through out the film, see if you can find where they were used…

Decor & DIY Paint Crystal, Zink, Azure, Scarlet, Ebony

Glimmer Glaze Mercury Glass

Glimmer Mist Merlot Gold,  Leap Frog, Jack Frost, Dragonfly, Graphite, Sun Sisters

High Impact Paint Black

Stained Glass

Glimmer Glam – Bon Bon

7 Gypsies – Metal Hangers, Scissors, Charms, Cutlery, Travel Charms, Standing Clip, Metal Keys, Stickers, Vintage Clips, Glass Bottles, Lace, Paper, Gears, American Vintage Paper

Canvas Corp – denim, ticking, green and ivory ribbon stripe, fringe, French Script Paper and Mini File Folders. 

vintage garage props

Christmas is everywhere!!!! You just have to look at the world around you.

Behind the scenes of the movie set up

Here is a shot behind the scenes of the living room movie set. All of the furniture and props are sized to fit the characters.

CCB – Do you have any new video ideas in the works?  

Jana – In fact I do, but it is a secret.

To learn a bit more about Jana and her creative soul, you can see her CCB Crew Interview.

To follow Jana and her creative adventures you will find her blog – Scrapbook Abundance
You can also follow the Facebook Page – Mesmerizoom Spirit – “Whoever you are and wherever you are from, watch our video…if you feel mesmerized and cheerful, then we managed to achieve the most important goal. Enjoy this creative production made by group of musicians and people who admire beautiful things and spread the feeling of warmth and love around.”

We wish each and every one of you the spirit of Christmas this holiday season.  Please help Jana share her movie message to everyone you know who have the Christmas Spirit, those who could use a little reminder or for those who might need a boost to remind them what it is all about.

Thank you to Jana and her entire film crew, set builders, costume makers, knitters, prop designers, sign makers, song writers, singers, musicians and friends who lent a supportive hand and word. It takes a special team to bring someone’s idea to life.

DIY Holiday Tree

We hope this message kicks off your holiday season just right!!

“We wish a wonderful Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!”


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  1. November 24, 2016 @ 1:47 pm Linda Simpson

    WOW what a fabulous video, I loved it! Lots of gorgeous features and what wonderful animation.
    Linda xxx


  2. November 25, 2016 @ 11:02 am Olivia

    I want to say that I think this is the most delightful thing I have seen in a long, long time and yes, it WAS very nostalgic for me as well. I can hardly believe all the work that went into making this short film — so deserving of some kind of award! Thank you for reminding us about Christmas being everywhere and especially in the heart where it lives. We must let it out everyday, not just once a year. Awesome, awesome work and congratulations to everyone who worked to gift it to us! Blowing you hugs and kisses!


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