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We love that in the range of our products there is something for everyone. And we love when our products are used for projects that are a bit unexpected and not that obvious. Wa also love when the kids of our Creative Crew get involved in crafting and when they explore our products and use them their way! Today we share my daughter Alice sweet painted house.



You can say that craft runs in the blood of our family. Me, my mother & my granny are crafters – knitting, embroidery, sewing & paper crafts has always been a part of our family gatherings. And as you can guess – my now 10 year old daughter Alice does not fall far from the tree… She can often be found by her desk, headphones on paining, cutting paper or upcycling something she found in our basement. When our vacation was coming up – she decided to buy this assembly house in light wood for her saved money, and she asked me for colors to paint it with.


I offered her to choose among my Color Wash Paints to use on the house and she picked out the colors Bronze, Brass

& Silver.



She started with painting the roof Bronze. Luckily the roof was easy to lift of and could be painted on the desk.  A good idea is to pour a smaller amount of paint into plastic cups – that way it´s easier to dip the brush and if a small arm happen to spill out the paint not all of the bottle goes to waist.



After the roof Alice decided to tackle the details around the windows and doors. She used Brass for this.


Two cotes gave a deeper color.


When all details & the roof was painted to her satisfaction Alice continued to paint the whole house in Silver. She painted some areas two times, which gave a really cool “living” effect.


A concentrated mini crafter.


And here it is – the finished house! I think she did a great job and she loved painting with the Color Wash paints.


The proud house owner!


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  1. August 20, 2018 @ 2:54 pm Jean Marmo

    How fun to have her involved. Looks amazing!


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